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Death Note OC Creator  Jekyde 8 17842 over a year ago
Did you guys play the fan-made game "Killbook: Shinigami in a Cell" on android  DeathNoteF 0 1769 over a year ago
What would happen if Death note animê Characters would find the Netflix's Death Note trailer online?  Andy456 0 2076 over a year ago
Death Note favorito Character Game  chels05 37 11748 over a year ago
L: change the worLd movie ONLINE !  LuvDN 11 39086 over a year ago
L's Death  deathnoteluv123 14 5963 over a year ago
"Unanswerable" Death Note perguntas (Game)  Lani27 5 3816 over a year ago
Death note RP anybody? :3  pinkiepie213 12 4257 over a year ago
Ok, I didn't know that did you?  deathnote 16 2613 over a year ago
best line of death note?  mangaman222 1 2164 over a year ago
Death Note Rp  Charlios 3 1682 over a year ago
Death Note A-Z  deathnote 25 11391 over a year ago
Near vs Mello  Bushy_2009 9 9727 over a year ago
Death Note Game!!!  deathnote 30 7666 over a year ago
Contest for a New Look for This Club ~  IllusionDolls 0 1135 over a year ago
[18+] From Death note to ... Sex note !  Freudx 1 5661 over a year ago
Death Note Role-Playing  IllusionDolls 73 5064 over a year ago
Large Collection of Death Note Doujinshi  Simmeon 0 1918 over a year ago
Death Note RP  smileyAqua 3 3257 over a year ago
characters you don't like  soups 53 11182 over a year ago
Who prefers mangá to anime?  conallpjmk 0 2486 over a year ago
Mello or Deidara?  HinoriAkasun 6 3244 over a year ago
Death Note ícone Contest (Round 1: favorito Character)  NightFrog 0 2420 over a year ago
If there was a Death Note remake  Lhearts 0 1823 over a year ago
fanpop won't let me post on my wall...  WammysBoyzRock 0 1774 over a year ago
Death Note Roleplay  LRocks 3 4314 over a year ago
Tauro Matsuda  Lucy64 6 2781 over a year ago
If you hate Near, I have a pergunta for you.  dots0303 5 2636 over a year ago
Versus Game  Mikami 15 2488 over a year ago
light yagami  narutofox22 19 15239 over a year ago
My Death Note Family  BeyondBirthday1 23 7886 over a year ago
Death Note Movie!  AnimeFanXIII 7 3188 over a year ago
Death Note RP!  MikkiDs 0 1548 over a year ago
If you had a DeathNote....  bloodyjam 2 1593 over a year ago
Lind L. Tailor  -Moriko 2 1808 over a year ago
GUESS WHAT!!!  martemora15 10 1948 over a year ago
death note american version  silver93 3 2002 over a year ago
Mello's chocolate  Sonicishot 1 1874 over a year ago
New Death Note animê (with L)  regania 0 12591 over a year ago
FOLLOWERS OF angel SANCTUARY!  Animeanimal 0 2042 over a year ago
Death Note: Allies to the end  thehmph1 0 1952 over a year ago
Death Note: Another Note  DebGulledge 9 2830 over a year ago
l needs help in a tournament  jlaking 0 1806 over a year ago
What if Light Yagami never discovered the Notebook of Death?  thehmph1 4 3353 over a year ago
Death Note: Non-Kira Light Yagami meets l  thehmph1 0 1787 over a year ago
l vs kira  narutofox22 3 3011 over a year ago
What if Near and Mello teamed up from the start?  thehmph1 1 1540 over a year ago
WHO HEARTS L?  Redbird01 3 1642 over a year ago
will u join? please!  zutaradragon 0 1572 over a year ago
Your Death Note Character  hiddennobodie 20 9099 over a year ago
antic cafe  L_deathnote 1 5288 over a year ago
Guys!! a new death note related spot!!!  deathnote 8 1674 over a year ago
my character  itachifan1 2 1392 over a year ago
your death note kill list  dvillster13 0 1121 over a year ago
Death Note, the official movie with live people  shortynme 2 1570 over a year ago
pergunta  lady__doom 9 2264 over a year ago
Death Note Petitions  AnimeCritique 3 1949 over a year ago
i just saw death note  lady__doom 12 2369 over a year ago
the many faces of Death Note  Snugglebum 7 6801 over a year ago
Death note......  Seraphist 10 2462 over a year ago