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The ending of Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger, featuring two of David! Donald Peterson's wife gives birth to twin boys, which his brother Roderick hopes will get along better than they did, and suggesting that they spend mais time together as a family. The clincher happens when Roderick puts down his half of the heart, seguinte to Donald's. Donald thought Roderick got rid of his half, and his eyes when he sees their picture complete, on topo, início of the new Peterson twins..AWW..oh jesus christ...

Jessica Jones (Sin Bin): When Kevin writes HELP on the mural of his cage with barbecue sauce, and looks at...
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posted by lildarlin99
some may find this not all that great in many ways. So hears my point of view. Yes it messes w/ history and even has the devil in one episode i find it very exciting and mysterious and i amor both of them. I`m a christian but not up tight like some christians are but thats them. it does have nudity BUT it only shows down to the waist no lower!!!! there`s vampiros in season 5 and a whear lobo in season 2. and a little lieing but that T.V. i amor its scary in some parts but that makes it fun not for 5 or 6 yr olds unless they can handle it but other wise its a family seires. and none of it is real. i do wish some was real :/.
posted by arcticflake
You have many names
The Doctor, Barty Crouch Jr.

But to me?
You're SO much mais
You're a hero
A speck of hope for humanity

And when you passed the batton
To the 11th Doctor,
You broke my coração

Better to quite whil you're ahead?
I would fight for you
My beautiful David

When people sy "fake" or "gay
I say
"You don't know"
"You wish"

You're amazing
You are astounding

But you are also a human
You are not a Timelord
Or a wizard
And I mustn't forget that

You are just you
You are beautiful
You are David Tennant! <3
posted by prettypebs
david ended his career 2009 and then matt came along. to take his role of the doctor. david stared in meany stuff. such as st trinians 2, doctor who, hamlet and lots more. he also met a couple of girls on his journey throw time. there was, Rose, Martha and the run away bride There Were Loads Of Doctor's on doctor who but he is the best one out of lot....
please answer this....
(who is the best out of lot?)
david fell in amor with rose she went missing for along time. doctor who cast got together with thochwood cast. and with that cute guy they call jack

but now david is gone from doctor who some people dont like it anymore soo this is my story bye!!!! xx
posted by doctor_who_rox
i think that the 10th doctor ( david tennant) should somehow meet the 11th doctor ( matt smith) and they both fight some alien such as the daleks, sontarans, slitheen, etc. plus i think doctor who should come to america and have something to do with mount rushmore or something. plus, heres what i think would be a good idea for an episode. name of episode: the doctor goes to torchwood
plot: the doctor (matt smith) goes inside the TARDIS and tries to go to the planet midnight. but the TARDIS somehow breaks and brings them to the torchwood base. at first, the doctor has no idea where he is. then he meets jack and jack tells him that the rift is going to open and let out many creatures from all over the universe. him and the doctor try to stop it somehow and then it says to be continued.
i will write the seguinte part in another article.