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posted by twilight0girl
- Thou shalt wear golden contacts. Even to sleep.

- Thou shalt drink frutas punch. Or cereja soda. Or oxicoco, airela juice. Basically, it's gotta be red.

- Thou shalt eat all comida with Forks. Even soup. Good luck with that. And no slurping from the bowl.

- Thou shalt not take Robert Pattinson's name in vain. Except when you're screaming it at the topo, início of your lungs at his seguinte public appearance. And in the middle of the night when you're dreaming of him.

- Christmas: No. Cullenmas: Yes

who else loves these rules!but i need to add some..

-Thou shalt die their hair black,brown,or blonde

-Thou shalt set up a special shelf for you twilight merch

-Thou shalt buy false fangs and where them ALL DAY