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posted by EvanlovesAzula
Author's Note: First off, idk whether this is a crona or azula artigo but i think it fits here best. This is an opinion piece/ meant to show crona fãs tht she/he isnt so different from my favorito character in the world goes btw, i am totally new to the soul eater thin actually but i amor cronas character so please correct me if anything is off line here and it might help tht u know who azula is..watever j read if youre interested. and yeah its only an opinion piece. i couldnt deal with a fã fiction rite now

Azula's MOTHER hurt her inside.
Crona's CREATOR hurt him/her inside.

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posted by I_Love_Crona
I sit inside my room
As you crawl under my skin
I fight a pointless battle
In which I cannot win
You tell me that you amor me
But I do not believe
But I can not say no to you
So for you, I still bleed
Rushing in my veins
My blood is red, no more
I cannot get rid of it
For insanity has no cure
And as I write this poem
My tears come to an end
Because I've made it through hurt and heartbreak
And I have made a friend

The moon dips down and the world
Forever casted in this lake of darkness
No place of shining light
To guide me through the treacherous maze of death
Sadness, sorrow, and pain
In this life, I stand...
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posted by I_Love_Crona
I… lie here
In desperate need of help
But the world turns away from my cries
So cold as my broken body bleeds
No one will help me
There isn't a slither of light in this eternal darkness
The black shadows that engulf my mind
Who will save me?
Someone, will you be my savior?
"Please…" "… Anyone…"
The only sound approaching was the footsteps
Of people passing by
Eyes turning away from me when my coração began to falter
And the wind blowing silent and deadly, ready to blow my ashes away
Nobody cared. I died.

Cast away
Beat down and broken
I must obey
The word is spoken

Draw a círculo of protection...
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crona ....

he is a just a kid and no-one cared for him as a little child, when he did something right he was punished and when he did something wrong he was useless, when he wrote a poem it was sad he even went into a room and sat in the corner crying. his weapon is his blood ( Medusa melted a demon inside his blood ) his poem goes:...

I cannot speak as long as I am wrong
I cannot be Valente as long as I am alive
How can I end a life?
How am I supposed to deal with this?!?!?!!?

The blackness of my blood reflects,
The darkness that I will always be,
I am a dissapointment and nothing more,
I am pain and...
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