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posted by Tressa-pom
A sunny dia without training... We don’t know why Skipper let us do anything we want on this day. After our hard secret missions, we really need a holiday.
Scene 1 –HQ
Kowalski is in his lab, he trying to invent new inventions. Rico is watching TV. Private is leitura lunacorns magazine.
Skipper: Boys, come here. We are going to get some snow cones. (Looking around) Where is Kowalski?
Private: He is in lab.
Me (Tressa): He invents new inventions that something turns into robot.
Rico: Uhh?
Me (Tressa): It’s not dangerous.
Skipper: Really?
Tressa: And… I must do something. Can I stay at HQ?...
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Source: Me!

Marlene and Mort were sitting on a wooden park bench, with their faces turned towards the sun.
"Feeling better, Mort?" asked Marlene, stealing a glance at little Lemur.
Mort nodded his head with alacrity. He was busy watching a colorful borboleta flying hereabouts in the park.
There was another wave of rancour that overtook her mind. She felt a nasty emptiness in the pit of her stomach. Something was bothering her. But she didn't have a clue what it really was. She let out a deep sigh and clutched her paws tightly.
Suddenly she heard someone coming by. She turned her head...
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posted by thespikedturtle
    "Nice shot Rico!" Private was skating around, watching Rico's target practice on the ninja pins. Rico beamed, and fired another shot, knocking the head clean off the pin. When Private applauded again, Rico smiled, but then frowned and held a flipper to his lips.
    "What is it, Rico? Do you hear something?" Private whispered. Rico started nodding, and looked around, as to see where the noise was coming from. They started following it, but their procurar was immediately interrupted por a shout. CRASH!!
    "Rico, what do you think that...
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posted by thespikedturtle
    Rico and Private had been following the chrome lagosta for 6 hours now, it was getting fairly boring. Private was trying new tricks on his skates, while Rico was exploding aleatório trees.
    Rico accidentally hit a gas tank, and made an explosion so loud, the aftershock blew them down. "Woah!" Private exclaimed, "That was awesome! Do it again!" So Rico looked around for another gas tank, found one, and made another giant explosion. They cheered and yelled, then Rico put the míssil launcher back down his throat, thinking he had done enough damage for...
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It was about 9 pm when Skipper and Marlene had finally returned to penguins HQ. Mort was curled up in Skipper's arms and was sleeping like a baby.
"SNOWCOOOOOONES!" cried the rest of the penguins, goggling their eyes at multiflavoured ice creams Marlene was carrying.
Mort wriggled uncomfortably and opened his eyes. There was a loud yawn.
"Oh, he's already waking up" noticed Marlene.
Mort rubbed his eyes with his fists and took a languid look around.
"Recognise this place, soldier?" asked Skipper warlmly, putting Mort down on the floor.
Rico winked at Mort, grabbed his...
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To start this off, let me note that I'm one of the rare skilene-haters on fanpop. I have my reasons for why I don't like it though.
One, Marlene's always annoyed me. She disagrees with almost everything Skipper says, thinks, does.
She's a skeptic of his almost always accurate paranoia.
She always complains about the penguins never knocking. When did she ever knock before coming into their HQ?
Her attitude is almost always sarcastic. Sarcastic people, I'm sorry, I don't hang around them too long.

Their differences: There are many.
Please, please, PLEASE don't leave a comment telling me that two ppl...
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posted by thespikedturtle
    Private and Rico arrive at the door to the hq, and tentatively open it up. When they do, they find a gaping hole in the ceiling, and Skipper and Kowalski gone.
    When Private sees this, his mind goes crazy with thoughts. "H- how- how did this happen? Where are Kowalski and Skipper? Why would they come here? Could the badgers have done this? Wha-" He turns around to talk to Rico, and finds him watching tv, the dumb animal channel. "RICO!! How could you be watching the telly at a time like this?!"
    "Huh?" Rico said stupidly. He...
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posted by thespikedturtle
Okay, this is my first ever attempt at a fanfic, so don't hate me if it's horrible!

    "What's the hold up Kowalski?" whined Skipper
    "Calm down Skipper, I'm just about done," Kowalski explained, "Once I turn this knob and twist this bolt... There, all finished!"
    "Aces! Now I can finally get that knot out of my back..." Skipper sighed. "These constant battles with Blowhole aren't good on the nerves."
    Blowhole had attempted to capture them the dia before, like he had every dia for a week, and the continual...
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Marlene was having a nice stroll across the park when she heard King Julien shouting something out in rage. His voice could be heard in the most remote part of the zoo. Mason and Phil were sitting on the topo, início of the tree, bananas stuck up in their ears.
Marlene caught a snatch of King Julien's angry sermon and she realized he must had been scolding Mort again.
"It's probably da feet stuff" she thought as she walked up to the lemurs habitat.
"I have enough!" roared King Julien, goggling his eyes at Mort. "I told you not to overuse my patience, but now things have gone definitevly...
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posted by thespikedturtle
    "Skipper, haven't we heard this code before? 'Take me out to the ball game?'"
    "I believe you're right, Kowalski. A couple months ago, when Marlene had that roommate, I think I remember hearing that exact phrase."
    "So you think Rhonda's returned?"
    "I'm afraid so. And if Rhonda's returned, that must mean that Blowhole is after us again. That Blowhole never rests, does he?"
    "Shouldn't we go inform Private and Rico?"
    "I don't think we have time for that!"
    "What do you mean we-"
    "DUCK!" Skipper yelled as a giant chrome lagosta crashed through the roof. They slide out of the way, and escape through the back door into the sewer. Then they climb up to the ladder and go out into the park, seguro from the danger, for now.
    "Skipper..." Started Kowalski.
    "I believe Blowhole has made a bit of an advancement on chrome claw. A deadly one, I might add."
So here's the last part, hope you'll enjoy it!:D

Chapter Four: Between the words

Marlene woke up at 7:33. She was quite suprised to find herself in the Penguins habitat but she soon realized why was she here: Mort. He was sleeping on the other side of the room, curled up in two, covered with a yellow blanket, sucking his thumb dreamily.
Skipper was already on his feet, walking up and around in the HQ and preparing breakfast. He spotted Marlene observing him and sent her a warm smile.
"How was your sleep, sista?" he talked her down and winked to her.
Marlene blushed slighlty and straightened herself...
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posted by Tripenguinman
Though I amor and respect his character, Kowalski is not hard for me to figure out. I know what he'll do when given the scenario at hand in the episode and how he'll react. Though he does deliever the occasional surprise, he isn't complexed in the sense of being complicated. His scientific mind is definately unfathomable, when it comes to thinking about how rational he is and yet how silly he acts sometimes. It's a good combination and carries Kowalski's personality. I would like a few mais twist though. It would pack mais of a soco with Kowalski and give mais FanFiction material for him....
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posted by Tripenguinman
Skipper is my favorito character and the one many people say I'm like. I like being compared to Skipper, but I've found that his character is pretty easy to figure out as well. It makes a large variety of possiblities when he's the leader but his reactions are a bit alike at times. Skipper is not very complexed-which is okay- but it will 'cause a lot of writer's block when it comes to his starring role in an episode. He has a lot of potential now, but what of his future in the show? I hope that they've planned Skipper out, at least for awhile, so that they won't find themselves in a rut. Skipper...
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