Chuck baixo Why we amor Chuck

jlhfan624 posted on Jul 27, 2008 at 03:20PM
1. Because he's Chuck Bass!
2. Because he's hot.
3. Because he has the sexiest outfits.
4. Because we know he has a heart deep down.

Give me some more!

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over a year ago chellyp86 said…
1. Because he is a bad boy.
2. Because he is sarcastic.
3. Because he knows who he is and isn't afraid to show it.
4. He is there for his friends when they need him.
over a year ago ChuckBlairLuvA said…
1. Because he knows what he wants & he fights for it.
2. Because he's a perfect match for Blair.
3. Because he's an awesome stepbrother.
4. Because he looks good in everything.
5. Because only he has a trademark scarf.
6. Because the only person who can match his amazing wit is Blair.
7. Because he's smooth
over a year ago VanessaCullen said…
Because he's SUPER HOT.
over a year ago Hollyhocks said…
1. Because he's a badass ;)
2. Because we know he has a soft side
3. Because he is sarcastic and witty
4. Because he is super, super hot
5. Because he has great one-liners :D
over a year ago sweetladylay said…
1. Because of his voice, what a sexy voice!
2. Because he's sexy
3. Because he has the most amazing eyes!
4. Because he has nice smile
5. Because his love for Blair is beautiful
6. Because nobody is like Chuck Bass
7. Because his character has the best stylist
8. Because he's devilish handsome!!!!
9. Because he's funny
10.Because Chuck is Chuck and Blair is Blair and they are Chuck and Blair
over a year ago edwestwick said…
Becouse he was amaizing, when he said: I'm Chuck Bass
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over a year ago LittleA said…
1.because hes a womanizer
2.because he loves blair
3.because he doesnt show he loves blair
4.because he knows how to show that he loves blair
5.because he has that sexy scarf
6.because he is hot and rich
7.because he has the sexiest accent
8.because he can be sentimental
9.because he has an evil and sweet smile
10.we love CHUCK BASS because he is CHUCK BASS !!!!
over a year ago LittleA said…
big smile
over a year ago G3G6 said…

Because he's Chuck Bass!
Because he's hotbecause he loves blair
Because his character has the best stylist

because he knows how to show that he loves blair
because he has that sexy scarf
because he is hot and rich
because he has the sexiest accent

I LOVE !!!!!!!!
over a year ago sessa123 said…
Because hes voice is so sleezy and chilled out, when its angry its different but i love coz he Chuck Bass, everyone loves chuck Bass. Hes a sleeze bag when he wants to be and will chase anything with good looks and two legs but hes the man... and he rich, funny and once again i must repeat it SLEEZY!!! and his scalf aswell god love ya chuck xoxoxo 4 lyf...
over a year ago mrschuckbass said…
he's CHUCK freaking BASS!!!!!!!! thats why i love him!! he is such a devil!!!
over a year ago laurik2007 said…
Hes a bad boy....we all love bad boys....but he has a soft spot to for Blair

And because hes Chuck Bass...always unpredictable!!!and so evil but in a very hot way!!!just love the guy
over a year ago mrschuckbass said…
this is my fave fan spot eva!!!!!!!!!! love hcuck and want to besome a diehard fan!!!!!!!!!!! love u chuck!!!!!!!!!!!