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oi guys whats up,
As u Justin Bieber's mom does a lot for him and he wants to buy his mom a house and i think that sense Justin does so much for us we should help him get that money also enough money to keep Justin's 3 friends with him for one full year. we could do fundraisers like all the people in Michigan could get to together and do it all the people in Florida and each state could do that this could be a never ending fundraiser after every fundraiser we could send the money to his manager to give to Justin we as a club could made Justin the happiest kid on planet earth
(Yes I can)
Download the introduction
We bout to change some lives
and when the whole world's repeating this then we've arrived
This for my generation
my family and friends
we've all been through the fogo so now we bout to start this trend
I see this like a movement
an anthem for this time
the match that sparks improvement concentrated in my rhymes
there's power in expression
to mover the public eye
there's power in this música - we decide there's "no compromise"
economies have fallen
we all could use a boost
i wonder what would happen if we started spillin' truth
a task that's overwhelming...
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