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11 Signs You’re a disney Villain

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You’ve had your suspicions: People have been talking about you in hushed whispers. Your family thinks you’ve changed recently. You feel … different. More animated. In short, you think you might be a Disney villain. Don’t worry. It’s a completely reversible condition and can happen to any of us. We’re here to help but first we need to identify for sure that you are, in fact, a villain. Here are the telltale signs:
2. You’re very ambitious, often letting that ambition blind you to anything else (reason, basic human kindness, etc.).
4. You have a pesky habit of speaking your evil plans out loud … a lot.
7. You might have magical powers, but they’ve come with a price.
9. You don’t often sing, but when you do, you bring the house down.
The cure? Pop in a Disney movie and study the hero. Mimic that hero. Let the warmth emanating from that hero wash over you. Soon enough, you’ll be back to your old self!
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