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Babes in Toyland (1997)
babes in toyland
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This heroínas de filmes animados da infância fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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I have a weird list and some of you probably don't know most of these couples.

Other couples I love:
Milo & Kida (Atlantis: The lost Empire)
Tulio & Chel (Road to El Dorado)
Thumbelina & Cornelius (Thumbelina)
Bambi & Faline (Bambi)
Lady & Tramp (Lady & the Tramp)
Calhoun & Felix (Wreck-it Ralph)
Bernard & Bianca (The Rescuers)
Woody & Bo Peep (Toy Story)
Matthias & Cornflower (Redwall)
Mai & Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Haku & Chihiro (Spririted Away)
Gambit & Rogue (X-MEN)

10. Black Cat & Spider-Man (Spider-Man: The animated series)

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