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So not to flood the polls, Can you guys help give me options for these characters to turn into? (Part 2)

I need real help with these. I don't want to overlap but the men are really hard.

Leer: dragon, horse, boar, mountain goat, other?

Tulio: grey parrot, tucan, iguana, other?

Miguel: leopard, dog, horse, other?

John Rolfe: horse, dog, stag, griffin, other?

Sinbad: wolf, dragon, panther, other?

Proteus: cougar, elk, bird, other?

Hercules: ox, bear, other?

Garret: lynx, bird of prey, horse, dog, other?

Phillip: horse, stag, boar, other?

Eric: dog, stag, bird, other?

Hiccup: dragon, hedgehog, raven, other?

Derek: robin, squirrel, stag, boar, other?

Naveen: frog, peacock, other?
 auroraxaurelia posted over a year ago
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CaterdayGirl said:
Well I'll give a shot

Leer: horse
Tulio: panther
Miguel: leopard
John Rolfe: stag
Sinbad: wolf
Proteus: cougar
Hercules: bear
Garret: hawk or falken
Phililip: horse
Eric: dog
Hiccup: dragon
Derek: hound dog
Naveen: frog

Hope this helps
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posted over a year ago 
Thank you for answering. Yes it helps. I have been stuck and in need of help.
auroraxaurelia posted over a year ago
your welcome
CaterdayGirl posted over a year ago
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