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Mega Buzz: Victor Webster [Beckett’s motorcycle-riding doctor boyfriend] Returns



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I know its not something we want to hear right before the kiss, but this seriously blows! I can only hope it ends with a break up though! *fingers crossed*
posted over a year ago.
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alieh said:
So stupid. He's totally pointless now. You can clearly see that Beckett has strong feelings about Castle. Castle just broke up with Gina and we've seen Dr Motorcycle Boy for a total of 5 seconds. Are we supposed to believe they have some grand romance going on? And did you see how Castle and Beckett walked out of the precinct giggling? She even laughed when she called Josh "Dr." Motorcycle Boy. The way they are selling him is like a booty call/rebound and...ugh. Just go away.
posted over a year ago.
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