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Jason: Yeah man, this is where Connect 3... connected!

Caitlyn: Her mom is a great person. What's your mom like?
Barron: Uhh, she's like a mom.

Mitchie: [in canoe] I don't think we're doing this right.
Shane: What, you don't like going in circles?

Shane: I learned my lesson! I showered in cold water! I looked at a tree! It’s been three hours, I need hair product.

Brown: I hate when I have to be uncool.

Jason: Guess who?
Shane: You're in the room, I can see you.
Jason: I can see you too man!

Mitchie: Um... You're dreaming. You're a rock princess.

Shane: Than my usual stupid cookie cutter pop estrela stuff? Sorry to disappoint.

Shane: Hey, being a jerk is part of the rock estrela image.

Jason: Oh and can you make me a bird house?
Shane Gray:I don't want to waste my summer at some camp! I'm Shane Gray for crying out loud!

Jason:Oh, and can you make me a birdhouse or something?

Nate:Oh, and we told the press that you'll be recording a duet, with the winner of Final Jam.
Shane Gray:What?!
Nate:See ya.

Nate:Look man, right now you're that bad boy to the press, and the label has a problem with that, which means, we have a problem with that.
Jason:Actually, I don't really have a...
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Looks like Bonas Jonas, Frankie Jonas, is looking to get in on some of the Camp Rock action!! This press release says that it was only a matter of time before Frankie got in the game.

Frankie already has a cameo appearance in the pilot episode of the upcoming series J.O.N.A.S. which stars the Jonas Brothers and now he’s slated to have a role in Camp Rock 2.

No word yet how big the part is, or what it will entail, but it’s probably the start of something huge for Frankie Jonas!

For audition info on Camp Rock 2, head over to disney Society. Julie always has the most up-to-date info on the disney auditions!
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