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(The girls, the boys, and the punks are now all in Poaky Oaks middle school. The girls have now developed a figure since they were known as 6-year-olds. The punks were forced out of Viletown and moved to Townsville, while there, they vowed to be friends with the puffs. The girls eventually became best friends. The boys on the other hand, were still a bit mischievous, but were no longer evil. The 9 had declared a truce. But the Punks and puff were now a team, but the ruffs decided to just try to be normal boys. The puffs and ruffs seem to have feelings for each-other now, that is except for...
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Brick POV
I walked down the hall of the school as the lunch hora was over, I couldn't wait until the dia was over.


Boomer ran through the hall trying to catch his brother. "BRICK!"
"What is it Boom?" Brick said very upset to his brother.
"Dude," Boomer said to his angry and sad brother, "What's up with you? You've been down since well, our truce with the girls."
"I don't care about the girls, especially if Blossom won't truce with me." Brick said hanging his head.
"This was a truce between the ROWDYRUFFS and the POWERPUFFS."
"My point," Brick began to explain, "is the truce was between...
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