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I walked out of Carlisle’s study. I deeply thought about our conversation. I couldn’t quite understand what Carlisle was trying to tell me. ‘We like people for their qualities, but amor then for their defects.’
Hey little brother! We’re down here. Alice told Jasper that we need to stay down here until the wedding!
I saw Emmett leaning against the counter in the kitchen. I saw that he was looking at the comida in the silver holder and wondering what was in it. I smiled to myself and headed down stairs. I saw Rosalie looking at booklet of piano composers.
“Play Yiruma ‘Kiss the Rain’...
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This is just something I wrote in my free time and I would like whoever reads this to give me honest opinions OK? Please.

Bella: Why am I covered in feathers?

I was so tired.
It was Dartmouth's spring break, and Edward and I had returned to his house.
I immediately crashed on his golden cama in his room. There had been so much cramming for tests and everything; college was much mais difficult than highschool.
Edward still hadn't changed me, despite his promise. He claimed he couldn't saturate his thirst enough near the Dartmouth campus, and he wouldn't leave me alone to go hunting. He wanted...
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the one thing that i think about the most when i see my daughter's face is how lucky i am to have her as my daughter, seeing her face makes me see the sun in the sky for the first time in my whole life.

watching her grow up was the most wonderful sight that i could ever imagine, she is the gift that i've wanted ever since i was her age, her smile has a radiance that no-other child can ever replace, if some-thing happended to her i don't know what i would do with-out my daugther renesmee carlie cullen, she is the reason why i;m composição literária this today

Renemee baby i amor you, and you remember that i will always will amor you and your father feels the same way, please read this entry and tell me what you think about it

amor your mother
isabella marie cisne cullen
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