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The procurar For Adventure

A young boy sat alone in a cottage. he sat rocking back and forth his knees tight to his chest. He wondered will this ever end, the nightmare. The endless nightmare. The boy let go of his legs at the sound of clawing and growling at the three doors. The wind howled as a huge “THUD” at each door the back last. There was a white lobo with blue eyes and a black estrela at the start of her left hind leg. The seguinte door over a gray and black lobo with a hint of white and a blue and a green eye a scar on his left green one. At the back was a light brown pup looking proudly his hazel eyes gleamed at the sight of a real human. “Well I wasn’t expecting him the have those “said the brown pup getting leaped over. He graded the kid’s jeans a piece ripping off.

“RUN IVAN” He heard his father yell in his head. The lobos at his tail literally his golden blond tail with a light brown tip flew loosely in the wind his lobo ears a golden brown with the base light brown. His pele, peles like hair flying through the air well even though it was was blond with streaks of light brown and very dark black.

The white she lobo graded his tail almost making him fall. He flicked her off she fell not getting up the other lobos gathering around her. “ILL GET YOU ONCE IVAN I PROMISE YOU” yelled the black gray and white lobo who seemed to be the leader. Ivan ran in till he found a colina with a tree. The running had made him very tired. He drifted to sleep por the tree.

 Midnight4ever posted over a year ago
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