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does anyone here rp Bones? or is it just me?

I'm a bones nut! and I've gotten to the point where I'm looking for role players who like to rp one on one. That's why I came to fã Pop, but after all these fã clubs, I got exited. Seeing all these bones fãs young and old alike!

you can "fan" me and leave a message if you'd like to rp with me, if you know what it is, or talk about Bones, and who your favorito character is, even if you don't rp.

I take pride in doubling, and I can play pretty much anyone, expect I tend to rp my own character and double as another character for your sake.

so please pm me if your interested in rpging, or talking with me!
 Mimi_Booth posted over a year ago
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heeeresjoyce said:
There was a role-play going back in the bones spot for a while, but it sort of died out. I kind of tried reviving it a mês or so ago, but most of the people rp-ing aren't on very often anymore. We can try again, though. :)

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posted over a year ago 
I only rp one on one. I'm not used to fórum posting. I'll fã you and seguinte time your on we can talk about it mais
Mimi_Booth posted over a year ago
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