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finally! somebody listens to me when I say do a Dex and Blossom tribute to this song!
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Baily (just so you know she's 15 in this)
Im not kidding when I say im a nobody the pain I feel is pulling me into pieces and frankly I have no idea who I am or who he is.did he start it or did I?Witch made everthing shift he said he loved me and then he said he never meant it!who am I talking about?Break who I keep calling por his real name Raphael that sweet name yesterday is today's Battle cry yesterday's laughter is today's cry and that almost kiss is now a slap in the face!he was just a lie everything was a lie I almost forgave him seeing how sweet he was about it but he said it was a joke!I...
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Baley:grr yet another dia of school now normally I would be proud and happy but my cousin Ally has given me mais toilet dunks than I can count so this is why I can not go to school Dad!
Dexter:Now Baley I think your being over dramatic!
Baley:Are you kidding me haven't you ever had your head dunked in the toilet or have been called a nerd or anything!
Dexter:(glances at Dylan)no Baley I was very popular.
Baley:Oh and I bet you broke your glasses and every one thought it was cool right.(real nice Baley real nice)
Dexter:Well actually yes.
Baley:OMG you have got to be kidding me why cant I be homeschooled...
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Dererk:Ohhhhhhhhhh Dylan and Jen sittin in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!!!
Dererk:Oh wow. Now everyone is fainting. How exciting...
(Icome in)
Dererk:*Blushes right at me,and cheeks glow red*
My boyfriend Masondark:Oh hey everyone! Dererk,cut it out!
Jen:*wakes up*WHAT THE F*** IS F***ING GOING ON?!
Dee:*wakes up and bursts out laughing*
Me:*Tackes Jen*COME ON FIGHT ME B****!!!!
Derek:Kania.....*pulls me away and i fight it*COME ON STOP FIGHTING IT...
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