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btr  alexsas 0 2078 over a year ago
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Big Time Rush in Croatia  ivana321 0 2669 over a year ago
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I am sorry!!!  Emil5634 0 3540 over a year ago
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Carlos is OKAY!!!  mat29cool 8 4676 over a year ago
Weird Dream  pokemonyellow 4 2550 over a year ago
i amor big time rush  haleyyork 0 4442 over a year ago
Christian Louboutin Pumps Sale  xiaoxue77777 0 2509 over a year ago
Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes  yoyoyu0923 0 4895 over a year ago
Christian Louboutin Shoes On Sale, Save Up to 70% onShoes Outlet  yoyoyu0923 0 4044 over a year ago
Wanna be In My New Big Time Rush fã Fiction!!!  BtrHottie32 27 16135 over a year ago
Worldwide dia of Play - Big Time Rush show, concerto  ReelFilmNews 0 3618 over a year ago
Big time amor story and Drama  Ceceilinia 0 3587 over a year ago
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BTR  hello_kitty569 1 3398 over a year ago
Coutdown to 3000 Fans!!  rubberduck2 337 28359 over a year ago
Big Time Rush at Universal Orlando  myfoxorlando 0 2185 over a year ago
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James,Carlos,Kendall,Logan  Dorito23 1 3406 over a year ago
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MEMBERS of BIG TIME RUSH!!!!!  mat29cool 2 15565 over a year ago
The Dia das bruxas Episode  myki 1 3416 over a year ago
oi Im new here and I am friends with Sockoo and im now taking over Big Time Rush Comedy  socko 4 3557 over a year ago
Banner/Icon Submissions  rubberduck2 25 3307 over a year ago
Happy Birthday Carlos!!!!!!!!!!!  btrfan160 1 3378 over a year ago
Logan Henderson and Carlos Pena Jr so Hott  BtrHottie32 1 3452 over a year ago
james likes  vonna8 1 3400 over a year ago
Big Time Rush Album News  BtrHottie32 3 4857 over a year ago
COUNTDOWN TIL THE ALBUM COMES OUT!!!!!  btrfan160 104 13289 over a year ago
kendall kendall kendall  btrnumber1fan 1 3221 over a year ago
BTR fã clubes  FamousK10 6 3857 over a year ago
BIG TIME RUSH IN BOSTON THIS SATURDAY  ihrtbtr 0 2382 over a year ago
BTR's Forgotten Shelf  BtrForgotten 0 2330 over a year ago
Why doesn't Big Time Rush have fan-pop and add us?  josie_an_sie 1 2264 over a year ago
CD,CD,CD,CD,CD  josie_an_sie 0 2018 over a year ago
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Big time show, concerto plot  FamousK10 2 2502 over a year ago
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Clearing Things up with James & ciara  Carter1922 0 3059 over a year ago
OMG!!! BTR on BOnnie Hunt Show!!!  Carter1922 2 3870 over a year ago
Big Time Rush!! New Episode  Carter1922 0 3041 over a year ago
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Does anyone know when there album comes out?  jb1996 2 4511 over a year ago
Big Time Rush new episode  mat29cool 0 4283 over a year ago
Any Kind of Guy - lyrics  mat29cool 0 3859 over a year ago
New epsiode  mat29cool 1 2745 over a year ago
Nick Stars  mat29cool 0 2791 over a year ago
Big Time Rush Lyrics  mat29cool 0 3208 over a year ago
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