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posted by MickCayla133
-Plamwoods: Park-
James: Well, Hello Valley!
Bailey; Its Bailey! Duh! -leaves-
James: ugh! I am very Stupid
Erin: no Your Not. -smiles flirty-
James:-looks up- ERIN! -he picks her up and kisses her-
Erin; James!
James: Kept Spinning her around-
James: Oh, Sorry -he chuckled-
Erin: Nah, Its okay
James: oh! -sees His 3 band mates and There Girlfriends-
Kendall: Erin! Erin Valley's! Is That You
Erin:Yep it Is!
Kendall: wow! Its been 4 Years.
Erin:Yeah, I am Auditioning For A Role For " Princess Beauty" Of Course I am Beauti-Ful!
Kendall and The Band:Yes Of Course
Jo:Clears her throat...
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posted by xanderlovesbtr
posted by BTRJamesDiamond
(Oooh, oh)
Wait a minute
Before you tell me anything, how was your day?
'Cause I been missing

You por my side, yeah

Did I awake
You out of your dreams? I'm sorry, but I couldn't sleep
You calm me down, there's something 'bout the sound of your voice.

I-I-I-I'm never, never, never as far away as it may seem.
No, soon we'll be together.
We'll pick up right where we left off.
Paris, London, Tokyo
There's just one thing that I gotta do

Hello, tuck you in every night on the phone
Hello, tuck you in every night

And I can hardly take another goodbye, baby...
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posted by blaze15
Big Time Rush (also known as BTR) is an American boy band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2009. The band consists of members Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson. The band released its debut album, BTR in October 2010. It peaked at number 3 on the Billboard 200 and was certified Gold por the RIAA for sales of over 500,000 copies. A segundo studio álbum, Elevate, was released on November 21, 2011.


Main article: Elevate (album)
On July 22, 2011, the band released a promotional single, "If I Ruled The World" featuring Iyaz, off their segundo album, Elevate...
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posted by jamesandlogan3
Jagan (Ja/mes and Lo/gan) is the friendship/bromance pairing between James Maslow and Logan Henderson and the counterpart of Kenlos.

Logan and James have grown close and are now like brothers. In the show, Logan helps James por composição literária the "Yeah" song with him and James helps Logan por helping him find a encontro, data for the dance. They are close and have been seen joking around and playing in the tour bus with toy guns. James sometimes calls Logan por his nickname which is Logie-Bear. James has said that he loves Logan's Mother because she is so kind.
Jagan Moments (From the show)
Season 1
Big Time Audition...
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posted by Lily_BTR
Dear Big Time Rush fans,
I would like for all the big time rush fãs to up load a picture of there favorito big time rush guy. my favorito big time rush guy is James Maslow because hes hot.But this is for you guys who are fãs of Big Time Rush only.When your done tell me whats your favorito song from Big Time Rush. maybe when your all done you can become a fã of me because im a fã as well. so tell me which guy you,fans,like then write me some time. Hope to see your pictures. Any Kind Of Guy You Want.

 up load a picture of BIG TIME RUSH
up load a picture of BIG TIME RUSH
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ItsToriVega: oi guys.
Ilovekittens: One time, my brother got banned from The Slap by... you don't want to know.
Rexinator: Exactly. We don't.
Roblobster: Rex!
ItsToriVega: What kind of chatroom is this?
Roblobster: Its for the kids of HA and another school at the Palm Woods.
ItsToriVega: That hotel?
Roblobster: Yeah.
Rexinator: Of course the lame Robbie knows this stuff. [laughs evilly]
Ilovekittens: Eeep! Stop!
Roblobster: ?
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Beckster: Tori, tell Jade...
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*Theme Song*
Lets find out what going to happen in this episode
Logan,James,Carlos,Kendall started to sing
In the middle of a perfect day, I was trippin over words to say, Cuz i dont wanna keep you guessin, But i always end up gettin stuck stuck, But i'am never givin up up
Then John Cena appeared
JohnCena:Do you know where the front escrivaninha, mesa is?
Carlos:Your John Cena
Logan:Sign my Doctor Magazine please!
James:Sign my Lucky Comb
Carlos:Sign my Helmet
Kendall:Sign my Hockey Magazine
Katie:Go straight
Katie:its cool
Katie runs away
Carlos:I wonder which room he's...
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posted by Windrises
This is my review of the Big Time Rush televisão show. It's a sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon.

The Plot:

Kendall, Logan, Carlos, and James are 4 close friends who become a band called Big Time Rush. Their manager is Gustavo who has somewhat of a rivalry with the team. The 4 Big Time Rush guys have eccentric adventures together as they struggle to become a popular band. Along the way they get girlfriends, friends, and a few rivals.

Big Time Rush is 1 of my favorito Nickelodeon shows. It's a very silly show, but it's good goofiness. The show has plenty of absurd antics and eccentric situations...
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posted by BTRJamesDiamond
Oh whoa oh whoa X2

Maybe this could be the line
That starts the whole story
Maybe you could be the one
The one who's meant for me
I know that I should wait
But what if you're my soul mate?
I'll slow down when you say, slow down
Cause we can....
We can party like the weekend
You got me thinkin', we could be a thing, yeah
I know you know, I've got your coração pumpin'
I know you know, we know we've got somethin'
We could be onto something so good
Tell me that your mine
I know you know, you've got my coração pumpin'
I know you know, we know we've got somethin'
You know this ain't me at all?...
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1. Bungee-jumping, go-carting and skydiving: Logan loves jeopardy and action. “I’m kinda addicted to the weirdest things!”

2. Kendall buys organic comida only. “This way I protect the environment – and it tastes delicious!”

3. Wow, he’s got muscles: James is able to do several pushups while doing a handstand. “That’s my crazy talent!”

4. The boys like to hang out with the atrizes Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice. Their favorito pastime: Hockey!

5. “Whenever I’m nervous I gnaw my nails like crazy,” admits Kendall.

6. “Carlos is the neatest out of us all. If he sees...
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*Theme Song*
Previously On Big Time Rush Comedy
Gustavo told the guys That He going to replace them!
Lets find out whats going to happen in this Episode?
Gustavo:Yall are getting replaced!!
The Guys:What!!
Gustavo:Theirs a Reason
Gustavo:I found a Better Band!
Kendall:You cant Replace Us!
Gustavo:YES I CAN!
Logan:Whats the New Band you think that is Better then Us!
James:Tell Us! What the Band Name is?!
Gustavo:Boyz Rock!
Carlos:Haha!! Boyz Rock sounds Funny!!
Gustavo:They are Here! oi Guys
Alex:Hey Carlos!
Eric:Hey Carlos!
Trey:Hey Carlos!
Robbie:Hey Carlos!
Carlos:Alex and Trey...
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 Big Time Rush at the National árvore Lighting Festival. fotografia por Mark Silva for W Washington D.C.
Big Time Rush at the National Tree Lighting Festival. Photo by Mark Silva for W Washington D.C.
Big Time Rush, who performed at the National árvore Lighting Festival last night in Washington D.C. in the Ellipse at President's Park behind the White House (12/1/11), is participating in Ornaments for the Parks, an auction organized por W Washington D.C. to benefit the National Park Foundation. All band members signed one ornament: bidding has just gotten underway at link.

The ornament will be on display through December 11 at W Washington D.C., 515 15th rua NW, Washington D.C., link.
 Big Time Rush signs an ornament to benefit the National Park Foundation. fotografia por Mark Silva for W Washington D.C.
Big Time Rush signs an ornament to benefit the National Park Foundation. Photo by Mark Silva for W Washington D.C.
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posted by MickCayla133
-School: Roosevelt High-
Mrs. Collins: Class, There New students Coming
Band: talking-
Band: Stops-
Girls comes in-
Bands: Stares-
Mrs> Collins: These are, Jo Taylor, Carlie Taylor, Stephanie Taylor and Erin Taylor. You may sit back there. -points-
Girls: Goes and sits por them-
James: Hi I am James.
Erin: He.Hey
Girls: Kay"
-bell rings-
-Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza-
Kendall: oi Girls! Over here!
Girls: turns around then goes to sit-
Kendall: Can we get to know Each other
Jo: Why!
Kendall: Your Hot!
Jo: Thank You -flirts-
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posted by BTRJamesDiamond
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Make it count, play it straight
Don't look back, don't hesitate
When you go big time
What you want, what you feel
Never quit and make it real
When you roll big time
Hey, oh, hey, oh
Listen to your coração now
Hey, oh, hey, oh
Don't you feel the rush? Hey, oh, hey, oh
Better take a shot now
Oh oh oh oh

Go and shake it up, what you gotta lose?
Go and make your luck with the life you choose
If you want it all lay it on the line
It's the only life you got so you gotta live it big time
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Step it up, get in gear
Go for broke, make it clear
Gotta go big time
Make it...
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posted by IngridPresley
Baby if it's dark outside
That's because I roubou the stars tonight
I'll put them on a priceless chain
Crazy as it sounds had to give you something
To show you I'd do anything

Anything you want (want)
Anything you need (need)
Everything you are (are)
Is everything to me
Everything you say (say)
Everything you do (do)
Imma hold it down for you

Girl there's some things I can't explain
Like how you have blown me away
There's some things we just can't chose
Like how I would do, I would do, I would do
Anything for you (do anything)
Anything for you (do anything)

I know all the things people say
I know, sticks and stones...
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posted by Dorito23
'Cause the world stops
When I put my arms around you, around you, oh, woah
And nothing even matters
And nothing even matters

It's like one for the haters and two for all of those
Who try to shut us down, they don't really know
There ain't nothing they can do that can tear us apart, no

I don't care about the money, don't care about the clothes
When we're together, baby, anything goes
'Cause we don't even need to prove what we feel in our hearts, no

This mural we built together
There ain't no way of knocking it over
We'll be here forever
Getting closer and closer, baby

'Cause the world stops
When I put my arms...
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oi readers! We just got back from the Kids’ Choice Awards and we can’t even begin to describe what a blast it was! We saw SO many of your favorito celebrities on the laranja carpet — it seemed like everyone was there for Nick’s big night! We got to chat with Selena Gomez, the hotties of Big Time Rush, Jaden Smith, The Black Eyed Peas, Victoria Justice, Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson and TONS of others, so be sure to keep checking back HERE for the latest atualizações from the KCAs!

You know who else was there besides celebs? fãs just like you! There were tons of screaming fãs lining the streets...
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Get a call on a aleatório afternoon
I pick it up and I see that it's you
Like my coração you were breaking the news
You say it's over, it's over, it's over
Heading out cause I'm out of my mind
All my friends are gonna see me tonight
Staying here 'til the sun starts to rise
And I'm, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna

Dance hard, laugh more, turn the música up now
Party like a rock estrela can I get a what now!
I swear I'll do anything that I have to
Til I forget about;
Jump up, fall down gotta play it loud now
Don't care, my head's spinning all around now
I swear I'll do anything that I have to
Til I forget about...
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