big bang New Song! Haru Haru (Day por Day)

PixieJJC posted on Aug 15, 2008 at 07:20AM
Ok, I know most of you guys will have probably seen this by now. Since our forum looked kindda "dry" I decide to post this.

I really like the meaning behind this song. It's so sa, but sweet at the same time. I watched this MV about 100x's and I always cry in the end! T_T This song is kindda like "Lies" but with a more dramatic ending. I personally love their new concept. TOP and YB look EXTREMELY HOT with the new do's and make-up. ^O^

Here's the link to the Official MV with eng. subbs (for those of us who don't understand korean.)


Here's the link to a Live HQ. version.

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over a year ago lolagranger said…
ohhhh........that is my fav song....don u dare like it...
over a year ago PixieJJC said…
aha... I can't help liking it! ^O^ I've had this song in my head ever since it came out... lol
over a year ago PixieJJC said…
Here is a link to BB's 'Haru Haru' song lyrics.
Although most of u might already know the lyrics


Here's the link to their perf. of 'Haru Haru' and winning the Mutizen award! They were up against Lee Hyori and SHINee among others... so I think they did pretty darn good! lol


over a year ago PixieJJC said…
WAAA~ More vids to look at! lol
This was on Music Bank Sept. 12, 2008

In this one.. Seungri worried me at around 2:32.. he slips and it looked like it kindda hurt.. O.O OUCH! TOP and YB as hot as ever. Dae with his awesome vocals and GD with his bling! lol

over a year ago channylovee94 said…
yeah =( the lyrics is soooo sadd!!..
every time i read the lyics..
i ALWAYS cryy! its just sooo sadd!!