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 beyonce in new photoshoot
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beyonce and jay_z are parents less than a week, but have already spent a fortune for their daughter!

Blu Ivy Carter the daughter of beyonce and jay_z was born before 2 weeks but her parents are excited for her and they have spend 1.500.000 dollars.the counple have bought clothes, a rocking horse of gold and his value is $ 600.000, a swarovski chair $ 15,000 and just to make her to not miss anything also bought a small house with a windmill from $ 30.000! In short it look that they have exaggerated?!
 Genysis and her mom with beyonce
Genysis and her mom with Beyonce
Because of her illness, Genysis is limited in what she is able to do and, when she suffers through a pain crisis, she is often unable to do anything at all. However, even when she’s in extreme pain, there is nothing that lifts Genysis’ spirits mais than listening to the música of her favorito singer, Beyoncé. So, when she was given the chance to wish for anything in the world, Genysis jumped at the chance and asked to meet Beyoncé in person.

You see, Genysis was born with a blood disorder called sickle cell anemia that causes her to suffer debilitating pain crises as well as an enlarged...
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