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arfies posted on Jul 02, 2010 at 09:28AM
My old "Bewitched Fan Fiction" site has been down since Geocities closed in Oct. 2009. It's re-opened now, with a new URL (link), the winners of the Bewitched Fan Fiction contest are listed, dead links were either replaced or checked, and everything should be running smoothly.

A * indicates a story that is PG-13 or higher, and a trophy indicates things that I particularly liked.

The winners were:

1. We'll Meet Again by KatrinaLou1990

2. In a Mortal's Shoes by Vee22

3. Daddy's Little Girl by KatrinaLou1990

All links are on the site!


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over a year ago ClassicTV said…
It's gone again! D8

EDIT: Never mind! It's okay now...
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