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arfies posted on Aug 04, 2009 at 08:59PM
Before Geocities is no more (and taking my link with it- *sniffle*), I'm thinking of sponsoring a Bewitched Fan Fiction contest and am looking for ideas on how to run it- what to give away as prizes (has to be affordable! I have a few Bewitched-related things I'm willing to give away, as well). Here's what I'm thinking the rules should be:

1. It can't be something that has been posted already on the Internet, and that includes new chapters to existing stories. It can be a sequel/prequel to an existing story, though- just don't post something as a "sequel" when it was pretty obviously originally going to be a new chapter in an existing story.

2. Though alternate universes, crossovers, etc. are allowed, something that fits in the "canon" is preferred, as they're usually easier to judge. However, if the story is truly amazing and well-written, anything goes- including more "mature" stories.

3. Must be posted to the Bewitched section of fanfiction.net by midnight on (???- some day in October, probably the 1st (unless you think that's too early) as Geocities closes October 26, and I'd like some time for the Internet Archive to crawl it with the new story intact first).
Must include "Bewitched Fan Fiction Contest Submission" in the summary (or something shorter- "BFFCS" or the like is acceptable).

4. Proper spelling and grammar is expected. Getting someone else to proofread it usually helps.

5. It can be in story form, script form, or even poetry.

I'm going to cross-post this on other Bewitched boards and get all the feedback and suggestions I can before "officially" announcing the contest launch this Friday.

Any questions/suggestions are appreciated!


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