A Feiticeira Serena- why list her as Pandora Spocks??

jmillan posted on May 28, 2009 at 06:37AM
Im not sure why they listed her as another person? but the name Pandora Spocks- sounds like Pandoras box-- Or maybe im just reading to much in to it???

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over a year ago Cammie said…
No, you are correct about the Pandora's Box - smart lady!

When Elizabeth first donned the brunette wig as Serena (which was in the episode where Tabitha is born "And Then There Were Three")even the crew didn't recognize her. So she and her hubby,Bewitched director William Asher, decided to play a trick on the audience.
Although many viewers thought the rememblance between Serena and Samantha was uncanny, they did believe that an actress named Pandora Spocks was playing the Serena role.
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over a year ago jmillan said…
Wow Cammie I am amazed how knowledgeable you are ..you go # 1 fan.
AnnArnold commented…
not so, according to this site: link over a year ago
over a year ago witchgal15 said…
am I wrong or was Serena only credited as pandora spocks after the episode where she sings I will blow you a kiss ion the wind?
over a year ago nzdisneyfans said…
She's also credited as Pandora Sparks in the episode
'Return of Darrin the Bold'