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vider69 posted on Aug 13, 2008 at 02:01PM
Has anyone got any comments regarding the Bewitched movie with Nicole Kidman? I know you can't beat a good classic but I thought it was a nice tribute to the series.

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over a year ago Cammie said…
Oh my stars,I intensely dislike the Bewitched movie! Sorry vider, but i've always referred to the movie as an insult to the series. I know some people quite liked it but being an original Bewitched fan for over 3 decades I guess I'm a tough audience.
There had been a Bewitched movie in the works some years ago that was to be directed by Ted Bessell (the actor that played Marlo Thomas' boyfriend in That Girl). The project was scrapped when Ted suddenly passed away. I believe Mr Bessell was doing the movie as a tribute to the series and was keeping to the original storyline. I was very much looking forward to that, I believe that movie would have been contructed entirely different.
The one most disappointing and irritating thing to me about the Bewitched movie is the fact that they did not stick to the original premise. And Nicole Kidman, in my opinion anyway, was badly miscast as Samantha.
Hey, but that's just my viewpoint.
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over a year ago vider69 said…
I thought that it was going to be a take off of the series, I was a bit put off when I found out it was sort of a movie within a series so to speak but I thought it was ok, I guess I can say I have seen much worse. Cheers.
over a year ago Berni said…
hi virder,i have not seen the film so i carnt really commment but then again i dont have any desire to watch it coz i dont feel that they will beable to capture the same magic as the original cast.
over a year ago ArabellaElfie said…
I used to catch it all the time on Nick at Night and Bewtiched was one of the staples of my evening so I purchased tickets and went on opening night. I was very, very displeased. It felt like a movie of the week with some big starts and slapstick humor to me (I recently watched Growing up Brady on TNT or something along those lines). If it had stuck to the original story I would have been pleased. A rehash of the first few episdoes would have done more for me than what we were given.
over a year ago jmillan said…
I have never been so disappointed..The movie was nothing like the series and I personally did not like the movie at all!!Sorry I know some liked it but I was hoping for some bewitched magic .. Hey Cammie now that you mentioned Ted Bessel, I started thinking about "that girl" that series was so cute. I would love to see some of those episodes again.. Marlo Thomas was adorable and I loved her clothes on the show and I thought her and Donald were so sweet together..That show was sooo G rated but it was sweet.