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 barbie in the Nutcracker 2021 - Little Golden Book (Updated)
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Release encontro, data is on September 7, 2021 if I'm correct
barbie in the nutcracker
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 "Although there’s not much that I amor about her, but her character was amazing. And so she deserve to be in my topo, início 5 list."
"Although there’s not much that I love about her, but her character was amazing. And so she deserve to be in my Top 5 list."
List of My topo, início 5 barbie filmes Protagonists

Okay guys, I think I must upload this because we all have our favourite’s right? You’ll find many of them from classical BMs and that’s because I loved Classical BMs mais than modern ones. Modern ones are entertaining but the new protagonists aren’t able to compete the old ones, new animation CIG is good but still the way other protagonists showed their bravery was quite impressing. Anyway I am not here to criticize new BMs right now so I will let you all see my list now.

Elina and Clara

Honestly I couldn’t choose to give 5 th place to one...
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I swear, everytime I hear this song when I watch IP on Italian I cry in this part... And the voices are amazing!! <3 It's recorded from the TV, so it's a little bad in quality... sorry...
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In this video the are Bibble and the most funny situation with him Sorry that without subtitles
barbie fairytopia
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