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barbie The Princess and the Pea?  besuaofficial 0 674 over a year ago
Just for fun  lalama2888 0 1226 over a year ago
barbie filmes end & Catania  Rosella97 0 3986 over a year ago
#[CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER for Roleplay]#  lumineux 16 15548 over a year ago
New Club Look Suggestions [CLOSED]  jlhfan624 5 2643 over a year ago
I Say, You Think  3xZ 2080 125975 over a year ago
Character analysis video series  Alantlm 21 7773 over a year ago
barbie filmes Trivia tumblr  Alantlm 0 5078 over a year ago
Name the barbie movie  ZoeNikolaou 3 4830 over a year ago
How do I get pictures whole body barbie estrela light adventure characters?  rosivixx 1 7696 over a year ago
New Club Banner, Icon, & Background  FairyAmbassador 12 5713 over a year ago
Pupcorn from Barbie: estrela Light Adventure  XTinkerBellx 5 3913 over a year ago
barbie filmes Club Banner & ícone Update: Vote! [CLOSED]  FairyAmbassador 6 4090 over a year ago
barbie estrela Light Adventure movie review  Alantlm 1 3727 over a year ago
estrela Light Adventure trailer review  Alantlm 0 4272 over a year ago
barbie Movie reviews  Alantlm 2 3299 over a year ago
Live Action Movie Actress  XTinkerBellx 7 5008 over a year ago
barbie filmes CHARACTER PICTURE CONTEST!!  poulamikundu 33 9926 over a year ago
Gallery of barbie Fashion and Make-up Contest Winners  LightningRed 37 26165 over a year ago
My Opinion about barbie and the Secret Door  braydenwest24 2 3394 over a year ago
Picture Contest Round 15: Prince Antonio (OPEN)  Madmozell 119 37373 over a year ago
Submitting scripts?  Paul_Kinsella 5 3684 over a year ago
Wish Birthday To Our Vitty  pinkydoll 5 3256 over a year ago
Club's NEW Banner and ícone Contest - barbie & Her Sisters in the Great cachorro, filhote de cachorro Adventure [CLOSED]  3xZ 77 13062 over a year ago
BM awards 2015[CLOSED]  pinkydoll 10 4873 over a year ago
If you could live in one of the BM worlds which one would you live in?  NoriFairy 7 6053 over a year ago
Rock N Royals Speculations  Kendall244 0 4669 over a year ago
Opportunity never wait for you  aditi23456 0 3206 over a year ago
My barbie in the Pearl Princess Review  Kendall244 0 2158 over a year ago
BM Characters  RomyMermaid 5 3178 over a year ago
❤*Barbie Character ícone Contest*❤Open ❤* Round 32 - Pincess Alexa  Asabala2 125 16014 over a year ago
❀ღ˚ •。* ♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。 Who Can Be:Corinne ღ˚ •。* ♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ❀  shafiqua 36 5263 over a year ago
★Barbie filmes Best Fanart Contest**Round7-Lets Rock the World [OPEN]★  Ishiqa 26 5156 over a year ago
barbie Couple Picture Contest Round 12: Clara and Prince Eric/ Nutcracker (OPEN)  Madmozell 81 33461 over a year ago
! GUESS ME !  lillyna23 72 10734 over a year ago
BM favorito Lyric Contest - Round 9: Be A Friend  Evera 97 12000 over a year ago
BM Best Quote por a Character Contest - Round 9: Headmistress ligustro, privet  Evera 80 11235 over a year ago
What are your Expectations of Princess Power?  Madmozell 1 3448 over a year ago
BM favorito Lyric Contest-Round 3: On topo, início of the World [CLOSED :'( ]  Madmozell 22 3641 over a year ago
versus game-Barbie  jfren43 94 23570 over a year ago
barbie in Princess Power  LeThanhBinh 1 5736 over a year ago
barbie filmes Fashion and Make Up Contest [New Version]  nmdis 58 13248 over a year ago
barbie filmes fã of The mês 2.0 July [OPEN]  Lena_t 35 6100 over a year ago
♫ barbie filmes Best Dress Worn por A Character Picture Contest - Alexa's rosa, -de-rosa and Purple vestido [OPEN] ♫  coolraks12 59 10087 over a year ago
♫ barbie filmes Best Dress Worn por A Character Contest - July 2014 [OPEN] ♫  coolraks12 47 3968 over a year ago
barbie Character banner Contest -open - round 8-Queens  Asabala2 15 2563 over a year ago
Bring Back LightningRed-Close  Asabala2 10 1452 over a year ago
barbie Fashion and Make-Up Contest: barbie in a Fairy Secret Fuchsia vestido (deadline July 11, 2014)  -LightningRed- 1 3465 over a year ago
Destroy my wish Game!  prettyraks 73 4812 over a year ago
❤*Barbie Character ícone Contest*❤Open ❤* Round 17 - * Catherine*  Asabala1 96 10873 over a year ago
barbie Character banner Contest -open - round 4-On the waves  Asabala1 17 3364 over a year ago
barbie Fashion and Make-Up Contest [ROUND 56 Open]  nmdis 25 7757 over a year ago
~♥~ barbie filmes Character of the mês - March 2014 [OPEN] ~♥~  3xZ 230 32728 over a year ago
~♥~ barbie filmes Character Of The mês Picture Contest - January 2014 | Blair (12 Dancing Princesses) [OPEN] ~♥~  3xZ 226 65480 over a year ago
barbie Fashion and Make-Up Contest: Rayla in Blue Dress  LightningRed 351 114666 over a year ago
Just 1 hora for this club ^_^  pinkydoll 6 2196 over a year ago
Just for fun... barbie movie sequel ideas?  MajorAbbey 21 4289 over a year ago
barbie filmes worn por A Character Picture Contest I Aramina's Musketeer Outfit [OPEN]  coolraks12 6 2804 over a year ago
BM Spot lema Contest [Round 1] | March 2O-27,2O14  nmdis 6 2086 over a year ago
Bring Back 3xZ [Closed]  nmdis 28 4000 over a year ago
Character Selection for ícone Contest-Round 1  nmdis 4 3323 over a year ago
barbie picture contest:kyristyn plz cadastrar-se  jfren43 92 20656 over a year ago
barbie filmes Editing ícone Contest ROUND 1: Clara  Chrizel-Horan 2 2847 over a year ago
Theme Song for barbie Heroines Round 3: Erika(OPEN)  Mariolka 11 2655 over a year ago
BMCOTM: barbie filmes Character of the mês - Nominations for March [OPEN]  BarbieWonders 16 2614 over a year ago
barbie Character**change she**OPEN**ROUND 1** LUMINA**  Asabala1 2 2911 over a year ago
barbie filmes Fanart Contest - Princess Anneliese [OPEN]  coolraks12 8 1902 over a year ago
Barbie Pets Make-up Contest- ~ZINZIE(of Barbie Mariposa)~  shafiqua 17 8229 over a year ago
Nominations for your favourite barbie movie moments!  sparkletoes 7 1582 over a year ago
What Classic Stories do you think should be made into a movie?  Bigsister 0 2056 over a year ago
Rate the song above you.  JacobBlackFever 1 2134 over a year ago
Do you agree ?  VictoriaPearlin 2 1816 over a year ago
SIGN HERE IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE DIRECTION barbie IS HEADING IN  faithinChrist 52 11503 over a year ago
30 dia barbie filmes Challenge  MJsValentine 272 23474 over a year ago
Mattel VS disney for Sleeping Beauty  jp0518 5 6010 over a year ago
barbie as The Sleeping Beauty  DifferentFree 13 27695 over a year ago
barbie as Sleeping beauty- real or not?  Lorinna 20 12529 over a year ago
barbie filmes Best Dress Worn por a Character - November 2013 [OPEN]  prettyraks 18 3082 over a year ago
barbie filmes Best Dress Worn por A Character Picture Contest- Anneliese's rosa, -de-rosa Princess vestido December 2013 [OPEN]  cleocorrinehate 0 2462 over a year ago
barbie filmes Best Dress Worn por a Character Picture Contest - Anneliese's rosa, -de-rosa Princess vestido [OPEN]  cleocorrinehate 5 2878 over a year ago
barbie filmes Best Hairstyle of a Character- October 2013 [OPEN]  prettyraks 1 2512 over a year ago
Your topo, início 10 barbie Songs!  prettyraks 3 8989 over a year ago
fã Of The mês - December 2012 (Open for nominations)  Evera 6 2160 over a year ago
barbie filmes Picture Hunt Game  pulgaenana 469 164367 over a year ago
BARBIE:PICTURE CONTEST PET'S-LILA PLZ cadastrar-se  PrincessAnnika 22 4333 over a year ago
barbie A-Z  HillywoodFan213 0 1663 over a year ago
barbie filmes lema [Round 2-Open]  nmdis 9 3001 over a year ago
barbie Talk <3  Angel31295w 2 1706 over a year ago
Barbie Movies: Artist's Choice Icons - Round 2: Any character with LOTR quotes  cynti19 20 3019 over a year ago
Sign in here if you want to cadastrar-se barbie Character Dialogue contest  prettyraks 2 2479 over a year ago
Words game  PrinceNicholes 111 10633 over a year ago
ṫяüℯ σя ƒ@ℓṧ℮ ḡαmℯ  nadhira123 904 43954 over a year ago
barbie movie elimination game:  alisonfaith297 14 3435 over a year ago
Favourite character(s) from each movie?  MajorAbbey 13 7447 over a year ago
Who likes Rosella?  cynti19 12 2610 over a year ago
Image Contest!  cynti19 6 4077 over a year ago
teste  Madmozell 12 4602 over a year ago
What does your username mean?  Lorinna 16 4159 over a year ago
What would you change in barbie Movies?  manu962 3 4816 over a year ago
Rate the ícone above you.  cynti19 36 8902 over a year ago