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posted by cynti19
Some of songs are from the movie while the rests are from soundtrack but they are still related in barbie Movies.

Songs from barbie as Rapunzel
- barbie as Rapunzel main theme song
- Constant As The Stars Above
- Wish Upon A Star

Songs from barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
- Free
- How Can I Refuse
- I Am a Girl Like You
- To Be a Princess
- The Cat's Meow
- If You amor Me for Me
- Written In Your Heart
- I'm On My Way

Songs from Barbie: Fairytopia
- I'm Flying
- The friends You Haven't Met
- Laverna's Formula
- Goin' to Azura Cottage
- A arco iris, arco-íris in Your Eyes
- Rise Above It All
- Laverna's Checklist...
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posted by yvetski
Here is a compilation of Barbie's quotes, found at the very end of the "end credits".
These are what I most look progressivo, para a frente to, when I watch a barbie movie. Always inspiring in just a few words. ^_^

Barbie in The Nutcracker (2001)
"Anything is possible."

Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)
"Love and imagination can change the world."

Barbie of cisne Lake (2003)
"You're braver than you think."

Barbie as The Princess and The Pauper (2004)
"Live your dream."

Barbie: Fairytopia (2005)
"What makes you different makes you special."

Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus (2005)
"There is always hope."

The barbie Diaries (2006)

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Living now, loving this day
We won't regret the chances we take
The sun is out, we don't have a care
We're feeling so good like we're walking on air

Nothing can get in the way
Nothing can tear us down
We're gonna celebrate
We're gonna sing out loud

Nothing can get in the way
Nothing can tear us down
We're gonna celebrate
We're gonna sing out loud

Live it up, we live in the moment
Now's our time, now we gotta own it
Live it up, we live in the moment
Now's our time, now we gotta own it

Say it loud, say it proud
We gotta live in the moment, moment (yeah)
Let it go, lose control
We gotta live in the moment, moment...
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Okay, where should I begin? I've watched the movie at last and I'm utterly in great disappointment. I expected Secret Door to be better than Pearl Princess since it is based on a book and is the Autumn-released version. Seemed promising. Not to mention from the 2D animation, the barbie is very attractive and beautiful. Unfortunately, it is worse and I even won't watch it twice in a long period.

The Animation

Colour -
 The Lorax's Truffula forest
The Lorax's Truffula forest

On scale 1 to 10, I rate it less than 1. The colour is the main problem of this movie, Zinnia kingdom's colour to be precise. Zinnia's colours...
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I would like to start por saying I amor this movie <3. It is exceedingly heart-warming and has a strong emotional impact. The segundo generation filmes are amazing, and this film is no exception.

Firstly, I'd like to start por saying that I amor the return to the original barbie movie format. I always adored barbie telling stories to a younger girl to boast her confidence, and it always ensured the movie was full of brilliant messages and morals.

The barbie narrator in this is exceedingly likeable and I is the closest thing to what I imagine barbie would be like if she was a real person. She's...
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barbie and the Secret Chamber
Susan as barbie
Louis as Ken
Margret as Teresa
Brutus: barbie aka Susan’s pet dog
Bette: She is villain of the story
Peter: Teresa aka Margret’s friend
Susan: Fair skin, yellow hair, green eyes and rosa, -de-rosa lips
Louis: Fair skin, brown hair, blue eyes and rosa, -de-rosa lips
Margret: dark skin, brown hair, brown eyes and oval shaped face
Brutus: He is a spaniel.
Plot of story
Susan and Louis are classmates, they are in their 2nd ano of college. Margret is Susan’s best friend and Brutus is Susan’s dog. All three plans for vacation because college life had made them tired and bored. When one dia when Susan was coming to início along with Brutus she saw a lottery comprar and tried her luck. I n this she got a chance to visit Rome with Louis and Teresa. Now you have to wait to see that what happens with Susan, Louis and Teresa that change their life’s for ever.
Here on my Island * barbie -The Island Princess

RO:Here on my Island the sea says hello
Dolphins are waving where ever I go
There’s a song on the breeze
And a início in the trees
Friends I can talk with whenever I please

Azul:Here on my Island the playgrounds are great
Sagi:Slide every slide.Tika:and you don’t have to wait
Ro :There’s so much to be seen Tika :from our new trampoline
ALL :Finding adventures our daily routine

Sagi:Birds and bananas
Azul:And comfy cabaña
Ro:And shell covered vases to fill
Sagi:Coconut glasses,
Tika:and mint with molasses
Azul:And pineapple patties to grill

Ro:Here on my...
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Chapter 1

«Lumina the mermaid swam around her sea cave’s front yard, collecting shells and placing them on a pretend throne. Her best friend, a rosa, -de-rosa sea horse named Kuda, fashioned a tiara out of a clamshell. They were playing their favorito game: Mermaid Princesses.
“What do you think, Kuda? Is it regal enough for a coronation?” Lumina asked, rolling out a red carpet made from sea flowers.
Kuda draped a purple sea fã around her neck like a cape. “Excellent. When I am crowned Princess of the Sea, I shall make you Chief of Royal Awesomeness,” the sea horse announced.
Lumina chuckled,...
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posted by Asabala1
Splish, splash! The water's perfect!
You, me and the deep blue sea!
Tails in the air like you just don't care!

Splish! Splash! The water's perfect!
You, me and the deep blue sea!
Tails in the air like you just don't care!
Yeah, yeah.

It's a mermaid party!
It's a mermaid party!
Bu-bu-bu mermaid party!
It's a mermaid party!

Bump up, 'cause tonight will be a good night.
Everyone swim through.
Spin around, change your gown.
The future's so bright.
You know that's what we do.

Everybody round the world,
All my girls, grab your girls.
Let me hear you sing it, yeah
Now, yeah-yeah!

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barbie as anastasia

barbie stars as Anastasia, the lost princess(or grand duchess whichever you prefer) of Russia. Separated from her grandmother during the Revolution when they tried to escape on a train to Paris. Ten years later, Anastasia, going por the name Ana, and her brother Alex sets out to try and find out who her birth parents are. On the way to the train station, for the only thing she remembered was that her family was in France, they bump into the con-artist, Dimitri(yes, like the raposa version, I couldn't think of anything else) who realized the striking similarities...
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April !
May !
June !
July !

Summer Sunshine !
All the guys on the de praia, praia and gettin' their tan.
Summer Sunshine !
O-oh ! O-oh !

Summer Sunshine !
Mom is asleep with her toes in the sand.
Summer Sunshine !
O-oh ! O-oh !

Wishin' Dreamin' Hopin' Cravin' Hatin'
That I always gotta wait all year.
On the daily going crazy, brains exploding, but it's finally here !
Ditch the books, sit right outside, grab a sip and catch a ride into the pier.

The perfect time.
The perfect place.
I can't be late.

3 mais days,
2 mais days,
1 mais day,

Summer Sunshine !
All the guys on the de praia, praia and gettin' their tan.
Summer Sunshine...
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posted by sparkletoes
oi guys! So..this is my idea..what if all of us to worked together to bring together our favourite barbie movie moments..from Nutcracker to Ponytale..and any if you guys want us to wait till pearl princess comes out..please say it in a comment...
We all amor barbie movies..there have been 24 filmes so far..excluding barbie dairies..I am sorry..I have never really thought of it as part of the series..and I feel embarrassed in saying that I still haven’t watched it..if any of you think different and want the movie to be part of the project..please mention it in a comment..
If any of you have...
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posted by PixCollector
Я просто иду, куда ведет дорога-жизнь,
Держусь изо всех сил, поворот и я себе шепчу "Держись!"
И вот опять новый виток,
Но мне уже не страшно одной,
Я думаю,
Как хорошо, что ты со мной!

И вдруг
Как будто
Как будто
Бегут мол, словно я с тобою сейчас
Нас двое
Нас двое
Со мною
Со мною
Не будет беды и на этот раз
Ничто не разрушит
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Requested por manu962

Once upon a time two children
Looked at each other
And they suddenly felt happiness
In their hearts
I'll be por your side
I'll go wherever you go
And life we'll make us laugh
If you amor me for me

Are you looking for me?
Yes,that's really me
Look me in the eyes
And tell me I amor you

Don't believe on what you see
The reality is hidden
Hope and faith remain in our heart

Take me,we'll be like one forever
If you amor me for me
I'll go wherever you go
If you'll keep me in your heart
And life we'll make us laugh
If you amor me for me
If you amor me for me..
Now this artigo is about the couples that make us fall in amor with them. And again, after the picks I made, I write an artigo in your opinion about these romantic couples. I hope that you like this article. Sorry again if I have errors in my grammar.

10. barbie and Ken
When I first watch Fairy Secrets I thought: “Oh! This guy absolutely spineless creature!” And my mind was same when I watched Fashion Fairytale. Why always barbie do something for their relationship? I’m wonder.
If on the beginning of the movie there wasn’t that this boy called Ken I probably though that they just...
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Well I've found the link to barbie in princess power in hindi on youtube . The link link
to watch mais barbie filmes in hindi , there's a channel which posts barbie filmes in hindi .
You can procurar 'Barbie filmes in hindi '
the vídeos are edited so that youtube won't block them . The speed of vídeos are increased but don't worry you can go to the desktop site of youtube and decrease the speed. I want to share this link as I'm an Indian and wanted other Indian barbie fãs who are in this club . Plus I want to ask that how can I change my perfil picture ? I can't find any option ....
All I really wanna do is be right here
And be just who I am
Yeah, I'm finally stepping up to center stage
To lent a helping hand

Every princess
Needs a story
This one will be mine
Cause I'm in the perfect place
And now's the perfect time

What's gonna happen
I can't wait to see
What's gonna happen
It's all up to me
I'm gonna turn the page
Prepare to be amazed
Now that I've got it made
Woah-ah oh
It's nothing I'd expect
What's gonna happen next?

Oh, yeah!

It's nothing I'd expect
What's gonna happen next?
Translation of the French teaser trailer
"Soon revealing an all-new movie, barbie The Pearl Princess. Follow Lumina, the Mermaid Princess, and her mer-friend Kuda (I actually don't know if it's the right name, I just HEARD this name), the one who gives her the magic power of pearls, to live an unforgettable adventure in the wonderful world of mermaids. barbie The Pearl Princess, soon available on Blu-Ray and DVD"

Characters already known
Lumina, the main character;
A seahorse with magic powers, Kuda (?)

More info on the movie
Barbie: The Pearl Princess - barbie filmes Wikia page:
Lumina's barbie filmes Wikia page:
Everybody wants to find out who they are for real
Looking for a way to show it, tell you how I feel
A melody needs harmony, you've shown me what a friend can be

Tonight, nothing is what it seems
Tonight, we're finding out what it means
Life is a song, we've got the key
Be who you are, unlock your dreams
Tonight, we're showing you what it means
To unlock your dreams...

I wanna turn it up
So don't you turn me down
'Cause when we get together
We've got a rocking sound
Don't need to follow in
Somebody else's steps
We make our own moves
I think you know the rest

Just look around now
Look what you got...
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This can't go any longer
Being constantly on the run
But now I know the secret
Now I can see, I'll find my way
I'm not wasting any mais time

Now I'm flying away in the sky
It's a dreamy trip

Look high up, look high up
The wings of my heart
Are drifting away
Only the two of us
In the blue sky
We'll fly up

I have a lot of things to say
To find out who I am
Every breath I take is fine
So, erase the yesterday
Erase all the bad times
For us time will stop

I don't have to live in a castelo anymore (no)
It's not my place there
The estrela inside my coração will lead me now
I have a new life

Look high up, look high up
The wings of my heart
Are drifting away
Look high up, look high up
The wings of my heart
Are drifting away (are drifting away)

In the blue sky
Only me and you
We'll fly up (look high up)
We'll fly up (look high up)
Now we're going up...