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Ieva0311 posted on Feb 15, 2013 at 08:56PM
I see that no one didn't create a contest in this spot, so i decided to be the 1st one to make it.

1. Don't copy others pics
2. Post only one pic
3. There will be 3 winners

1st - 8 props
2nd - 6 props
3rd - 4 props

Round 1: Post a pic of Bang Yong Guk
Round 2: Post a pic of Daehyun
Round 3: Post a pic of Zelo
Round 4: Post a pic of Himchan
Round 5: Post a pic of Youngjae
Round 6: Post a pic of Jongup
Round 7: Post a pic of B.A.P
Round 8: Your fav member in "Warrior"
Round 9: Your fav member in "Power"
Round 10: Your fav member in "No Mercy"
Round 11: Bang Yong Guk & Zelo
Round 12: Daehyun & Youngjae
Round 13: Jongup & Zelo
Round 14: Bang Yong Guk & Himchan
Round 15: Daehyun & Zelo
Round 16: Himchan & Zelo
Round 17: Youngjae & Zelo
Round 18: Your fav member with sunglasses
Round 19: Bang Yong Guk & Daehyun

Round 20: B.A.P in any photoshoot
1st: sawsanlala
2nd: eagle_tamer
3rd: everyone else

Round 21: Himchan & Daehyun
1st: eagle_tamer
2nd: igotaboygg1
3rd: DaniellelovesBB

Round 22: Your fav member in ''Stop It'' MV
1st: igotaboygg1
2nd: eagle_tamer
3rd: DaniellelovesBB/nevenkastar/kiky15

Round 23: Your fav member in "One Shot" MV
1st: marahlala/nevenkastar
2nd: nynakyou96
3rd: everyone else

Round 24: Bang Yong Guk & Jongup
1st: temari7
2nd: princess989898
3rd: Gretulee

Round 25: Your fav member in " Rain Sound"
1st: eagle_tamer
2nd: kiky15
3rd: nevenkastar

Round 26: Youngjae & Jongup

Round 27: Daehyun & Jongup
Round 28: B.A.P in airport
Round 29: Himchan & Jongup
Round 30: B.A.P performance on the stage
Round 31: Daehyun with blond hair
Round 32: Youngjae with brown hair
Round 33: Himchan with sunglasses
Round 34: Jongup with blond hair
Round 35: Bang Yong Guk in ''I remember'' MV
Round 36: Bang Yong Guk & Youngjae

There will be more rounds later
 [i]I see that no one didn't create a contest in this spot, so i decided to be the 1st one to make it.
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