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posted by irena83
The título of this artigo must be clarified before I begin to explain the types of problems that I examined. The interpretative astrological explanations that we give to such phenomenon, studied both por psychology and por psychoanalysis, is a new way of looking at the subject that we offer not only as alternative therapy but also as an effort at clarification, given that psychoanalysis and psychology have not up to now, in our opinion, provided satisfactory explanations.
Various definitions of sexual fetishes exist, all of which, without exception, talk of a male mindset, while here I intend...
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posted by ShriCharanDass
As all of us know that Vashikaran means to attract someone, thus you can use it if you are also thinking to do attract someone. The word Vashikaran derived from the Sanskrit, it is combination of two words – Vashi + Karan where Vashi stands for, to attract, entice and allure some one, to influence people, to win over and magnetize them and the word Karan means – various methods to do these things. So the whole word “link” comes out to be an Occult science in which mystical energies and tantra mantra like Jadu tona powers are used to control and regulate other person’s mind. It needs...
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posted by deecool101
my gramas dog is a scorpio (like me) and i think her little dog personality really matches with her being a scorpio. so wouldent it be kool if some1 did a experemt where u get 2 animals, calculate there birthcharts and c if there like there birthchart? like, the mean bully animals, do u think there birthchart would tell that there mean? i think it would, but i want ur opinion (thats right! im asking u again 2 leave a comment!) so leave a comment telling me ur opinion, or just something about animais and zodiac signs. luv marlo. PS: write me a coment telling me if u want me 2 make a specific article.
verdic astrologia is suppost 2 be ur true sign. in verdic astrologia it sets ur western sign a sign back (example: if u r a leo, in verdic astrologia u would be a cancer) my western birthchart is.. sunsign: scorpio
moonsign: sagittarius
risingsign: gemini
but in verdic astrologia my birthchart would be...
sunsign: libra
moonsign: scorpio
risingsign: taurus
weird huh? but how do we know witch ( western or eastern ) astrologia 2 believe? leave me a comment telling me ur opinion.
now lets mover on 2 " wat sign r we really?" i was just looking at zodiac sign stuff on google when i found this website link
supposly u can be born in the sign's mês but the stars will be in a different sign. check out the website 2 fine out ur true sign. post a comment, i want 2 hear ur opinion! luv marlo
 I amor how Hello Kitty is a scorpio, finally a character that is a scorpio but a cutie and nice <3
I love how Hello Kitty is a scorpio, finally a character that is a scorpio but a cutie and nice <3
You can't believe how much I want an update for the artigo type: facts. Because this is facts.

I'm a scorpio myself, and me and other scorpios, also geminis are getting a lot of hate for just being born on the dates November or June etc.

This is the most stupid thing ever, I mean hating someone because of their zodiac? Seems really racist to me. Like imagine judging someone based on their appearance, race, ideas and beliefs. Its literally the same!

And even though I'm a scorpio, I'm really protective over other signs, especially geminis. Last mês one of my favorito tiktokers, Bailey Spinn,...
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posted by sapherequeen
Moon Signs, in some sense, define how we see ourselves. They express the unconscious side of our character and explains why we do the things we do in the ways we do them (sorry if that was confusing). Our moon sign is where we can gather our child memories, comfort, and peace in life. Our moon sign may also possess our fear, anger, jealousy, and hatred.

The Moon Sign's influence on our senses depends on its' position in our birth charts.

The Moon Sign is usually different from your Sun Sign, and this tends to be one of the reasons why we may feel different from our sun sign (Another reason...
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added by BlackSunshine
added by BlackSunshine
Aries gets annoyed when...

1. People walk or drive absent-mindedly.
2. Their amor interest won't answer their calls or have their mobile phone turned off.
3.They feel oppressed and not free.
4. Somebody is obsessed with facebook or Twitter!
5. People make silly excuses.
6. They wait in long queues.
7. There is traffic jam.
8. People talk to them too softly and sweetly.
9. They stay inside for a long time.
10. There is too much peace and tranquillity around!

Taurus gets annoyed when...

1. There is untidiness around.
2. People have bad taste.
3. Meal isn't ready or tasty.
4. They have to attend a social event....
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