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echosnake posted on Apr 15, 2009 at 04:49AM
Any good ideas for sea animals in my aquarium im gonna build

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over a year ago becca85 said…
How big is it going to be?
Is it going to be saltwater or freshwater?

With a little more information on what you are trying to accomplish, we can recommend some inhabitants for your aquarium.
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over a year ago echosnake said…
im gonna do it all sorts of waterr types so it dosent matter if its fresh water and salt water and the sise? i have not thought about it.
over a year ago echosnake said…
maybe 34 meters and 15 feet?
over a year ago SRitchieable said…
For freshwater: Guppies. They sound 'dull' but they are not. They come in myriads of colours & types but require particular attention to their needs.

For saltwater: What about seahorses? These are definitely a challenge to keep, but they are immensely beautiful and interesting to watch.