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 AJ's gonna use her "cute face" to get Blazin' to ride shotgun with her.
AJ's gonna use her "cute face" to get Blazin' to ride shotgun with her.
The story begins with AJ walking around Sweet maçã, apple Acres looking for something to do after a hard day's work. Alas, she couldn't find one thing fun to do, so she heads to to town to see if there is anything going on there, when suddenly...

Princess Luna: *pulls up in a monster truck in front of AJ* What's up? Doth this town not pleaseth thee?

AJ: Actually, it doesn't.

Luna: *talks normal* What? You serious? If nothing here makes you happy, enter the Ponyville Monster Truck Race! It's gonna be awesome! I made my sister accompany me. You have to let someone ride with you. That's the rules. Gotta...
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 My segundo favorito pony.
My second favorite pony.
I've always kept to myself about her, but now I'm goona open up about her. First thing, I've always looked at AJ whenever she appears. She is so cute to me! I drew her once to show it (can't seem to get a picture of it and bring it here). Despite how she gets angry, she is still adorable. Above everything, I think she is the hottest pony. Heck, even her hairstyle is sexy! I do amor horses, and she is the perfect thing every horse should be. arco iris, arco-íris Dash has no idea how hard Earth ponies have it, since she thinks being able to fly is great. As for me, if I were a pony, I'd be a unicorn.
 How I'd look as a pony!
How I'd look as a pony!