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 Apink Says Na Eun Looks Less Pretty Without Makeup
Apink Says Na Eun Looks Less Pretty Without Makeup
The Apink members revealed, "Na Eun is less pretty when she takes off her makeup."

The Apink members appeared as guests, sans Na Eun and Ha Young, on MBC FM4U′s Kim Shin Young′s Noon Song of Hope on August 4.

During the show, Kim Shin Young said, "The Apink members are the definition of innocent. But there have to be times when you don′t look pretty. When do you not look pretty?"

Nam Joo answered, "When I′m puffy. I get puffy easily."

Cho Rong said, "I look really ugly during dry rehearsals for música programs. I put on lipstick and make an effort, but I′m really not pretty during dry...
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Girl group A Pink's member Son Naeun revealed a cute self-camera photo.

"Already segundo week. Thank you to all fãs for the support! So happy every single day. Sad but time to say goodby to blonde hair. Hope to see you again. Get início seguro and have a good weekend," posted Son on A Pink's facebook on Sunday along with a picture.
In the picture, Son is wearing a arco iris, arco-íris camisa and her long blonde wavy hair is tied to two sides with a cute headband, adding onto her cute charm.
A rosa, -de-rosa is currently actively promoting their new song "Remember."
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