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posted by TotalDramaFan60
Name: Jespero
Role: Smartest
Name: Kuli
Role: Dumbest
Name: Kori
Role: Bossiest
Name: Samari
Role: Toughest
Name: Kamari
Role: Weakest
Name: Kolo
Role: Awesomest
Name: Chimi-Chan
Role: Crybaby
Name: Kamara
Role: Non-Crybaby
Name: Shi-Noka
Role: Listener
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posted by DisneyPrince88
It's announced there's gonna be a live action movie.

My reaction was....I KNEW IT!!!!

Ever since I read the mangá I fell in amor with the series and I couldn't wait any longer to read the seguinte one then the seguinte one then the seguinte one.

Then came the anime...absolutely loved Season 1 but season 2 I was a bit upset how rushed it was....but I hope Season 3 will be just as good as the mangá (Tokyo Ghoul:re)

Now the movie...some fãs are being negative and some fãs are positive about it, but if Tokyo Ghoul is officially coming to the big screen I just hope it will be good

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K-On! is a show that may lack a real plot, but the show is saved por its' cuteness which is brought to us por the main characters. This list ranks the 5 members of anime's best band. I hope you enjoy the list.

5. Ritsu

Ritsu is the leader of the band, but she appeals to me the least out of the band members. She's not as nice and charming as the other band members. She can be hard to stand when she gives Mio a hard time, but other than that she's a okay character. She's a tolerable character when she's not being disrespectful.

4. Yui

Yui is the closest thing the show has to a protagonist. She's...
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posted by Windrises
Pokemon is a popular animê show. The show has various films. This review is about the original Pokemon film. The film is a classic to Pokemon fans, but was hated por critics.

The Plot:

Special mention goes to the 10 minutos that got edited out of most versions of this film. The scenes that got cut out involve Dr. Fuji's dark plot. He was trying to bring his deceased daughter Amber back to life. Amber eventually got cloned and became Mewtwo's best friend, but she died. These scenes are some of the most well made scenes of all time. It's weird that 2 characters that barley have screen time (Dr....
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Code Geass has various characters of both genders. Since I did a list of my topo, início 5 favorito Code Geass guys it's time for the list of my topo, início 5 favorito Code Geass guys.

5. Prince Schneizel

Schneizel is 1 of the villains of the show. He was a charming, but menacing person. He was a clever and cool villain. 1 of the most dangerous characters of the show.

4. Kaname

Kaname Ohgi had a major role in Zero's gang. Although various people dislike Kaname I thought he was a interesting and cool character. I really like his storyline with Villetta.

3. Suzaku

Suzaku is 1 of the show's main characters. He...
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