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Discover amazing facts about the solar system with Angry Birds and NASA!

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What's your favorito team?
angry birds
plants vs zombies
o espaço
You might have already noticed that this week’s Angry Birds friends Tournament is a bit different from the anterior ones. If not, let me explain. This week we are being treated to a special, “Lotus F1 Team” Tournament. Not only does the tournament include four brand new racing-inspired levels, but there are also 60 prizes up for grabs! One of those prizes is Kimi Räikkönen’s racing suit. If you’re not a racing fã don’t fret, just play the levels for fun and bragging rights!

Participating is simple: Once you complete all four levels a congratulatory box will come up. Enter your email address to enter the drawing. “Sixty winners will be chosen from players who ‘Like’ the Lotus F1 Team facebook fã page.” In other words, it sounds like it’s a aleatório drawing and not a competition based around your total score.