The alpha and omega review

Authored by needsumbleach
<blockquote>I'll also add the Alpha and Omega fanbase. <del>That movie is good! ,</del>The movie sucked, okay guys? It was a cheap, generic kiddy flick that stopped Newt from getting into production (Rio shares that blame, and it isn't that good either, but not immensely horrible), and got 2 of the cheapest cheapquels ever when the film didn't do that great to demand follow ups, DTV or otherwise. Brony bashing, brony bashing...yeah. I get that. But why is no one getting on the case of the wolf loving furries that love this completely undeserving of a fanbase series of "shut the kids up for an hour and a half" disgraces to CGI animation.</blockquote> <blockquote style="text-align: center;"> </blockquote> <blockquote style="text-align: right;"> </blockquote> <blockquote style="text-align: center;"> </blockquote> <blockquote>