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posted by Sasuke_Fan17
Deidara was happy.Today was the 5th of May,his birthday! He was really nervous. And this wasn't enough:The sun was shining on that day! "Yay,un!"he said. "Today's my 20th birthday and I hope I get something cool!!!!!!!" He was looking progressivo, para a frente what he get as a present. He was getting mais and mais nervous. He can't wait to get it!!!! Then there was a party for him. "Happy Birthday,Brat!"Sasori said to him. Then he saw a birthday present. Yay! he thought. He opened it-and there was a girl!!! "How could you,un?!?" he said to Hidan. "It was 'Kuzus fucking Idea,not mine!"Hidan said. The Blonde looked angrily at Kakuzu,while he hugged the girl. She was still shocked. "I didn't want to pay for a birthday present,so I kidnapped her!"he said. "This is against humanity,un!" Deidara said,he was still angry. Later he was with his "present" In his room. "You okay?" he asked the girl. "Yes,I am," she answered.
posted by fangirl404
This is another thing that i thought would be nice. I hope that you guy's enjoy it! ^^

Deidara: What to do today un?
Sasori: Why don't you go out and wander around.
dedara: That sounds like a good idea sasori my man!
Sasori: will go and don't bother me!!
Deidara: Okay Okay! *gezz i hope that he won't be mad when i come back!*
_deidara walks around and then he sees a figure lieing on the ground._
Deidara: o my gosh! Why is there a person lieing on the ground?
kimiko: umm.....NO! DON'T TOUCH ME!!! I WILL KILL YOU!.....ummmm
Deidara: woh!why is she talking in her sleep? And i hope that is a girl!

*to be continued*
posted by fangirl404
 Th is a really cute pic!!!
Th is a really cute pic!!!
PEIN: Well I think that is looks good on yo from a guys point of view!
ME: PEIN!!! You are soooo going to be killed por me in the seguinte 5 min.
PEIN: Please don't kill me kimi! ummmm..... if you kill me...... itachi will never talk to you again!
*Itachi walks in and sees what is going on*
ITRACHI: PEIN!! Why did you put kimi in-in-in-in.....girly clothes?
ME:Pein said that you guys don't think that i am a girl! *starts to cry* This is why i killed my village....and othere reasons....
PEIN:I have never said that out loud!
ZETSU:Oh yes you have i was here to listen to it all!
*zetsu come out of the celing and sacres kimi*
KIMI: AHHHHHHHHH! Don't do that zetsu! You all ways scare me!

*To be coninued.....If you want me to*
posted by AlexWhittier
“Cut it out!” Pein yelled at his akatsuki subordinates. Once again his meeting was interrupted por Kakuzu and Hidan’s fighting as well as Deidara and Sasori debating what art was. They continued in spite of him, so Konan threw several paper bomb airplanes at them. They exploded causing them to panic, Hidan in particular. “What the f*** was that about?” “Pein was speaking and you were all fighting like children on a playground!” Kisame laughed at the others getting in trouble and Itachi rolled his eyes. Sasori responded, “Well Deidara and I were just having a lively debate. Kakuzu...
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“Art is an eternal beauty. It is meant to be this way so that the artist’s soul can continue to exist and bring the lessons of his life to others.” “No. Art is beauty that exists in a single moment so that the artist will have inspiration to seek even greater heights un.” Kisame looked behind him as Sasori and Deidara continued to bicker. “Art is an eternal beauty.” Suddenly Kisame made a large sweeping motion with his Samehada forcing Sasori and Deidara to jump back a few yards. “Your argument has been giving me and Itachi an ‘eternal’ headache! Do you two ever stop?”...
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posted by ItachiUchihaGF
Itachi Turned On The T.v. It Turned On To A Cooking Show And How To Make Sushi. Since He Was Too Lazy To Look For The Remote , He Was Forced To Go Through An Our Of Torture.

"And Now For The Fish" The Chef Said , For A mais Rare Dish You Could Use tubarão Meat Instead. Itachi Immediently Sat Up And Started Paid Attention To The Ingredients To Make Sushi


Kisame Was Cleaning His Pet peixe Tank When A Black , Cloth Bag Was Placed Over His Head


Itachi,Itachi,Itachi,Itachi,Itachi , A Whiny Voice Said , "What Are You Doing ?"

"Shut Up Tobi!" Itachi Screamed "For The Last Time I'm Making Sushi"...
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“Yo Pain,” Hidan shouted, “Where the f*** is Kakuzu? I checked his room and all his s*** is gone.” Pain was sitting in his office with Konan standing seguinte to him.

“Kakuzu decided to take advantage of our retirement plan. He no longer works for Akatsuki,” Pain explained.

“When the f*** did we get a retirement plan?” Hidan asked.

“Kakuzu set it up. He was our treasurer after all,” Konan said, “Zetsu is also retiring. I heard he even moved into the same assisted living facility.”

Pain added, “Until we can find an adequate replacement for Kakuzu you will be working alone.”...
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Kakuzu’s scream echoed throughout the halls of the Akatsuki. All of the members raced to where they heard the scream and found Kakuzu on the ground lying on his side in the fetal position.
“What happened? Did one of the tailed beasts escape their seal?” Pein asked.
“Is our headquarters under attack por enemy shinobi?” Konan asked.
“Did someone have rosquinhas and wouldn’t share them?” Tobi asked.

The other members glared at Tobi for his pergunta and Deidara dragged Tobi away por his ear. “No,” Kakuzu replied,...
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posted by vampirecat33
..........Last time on the haunted mansion........
“Where is he” I whispered to myself “he should of been here right about now”
“Konan~” Someone whispered behind the bushes
“I know that's you Pein” I said with a smirk
“Pein I know your there” I said again
    “Pein stop trying to scare me!” I yelled
    “What do you mean stop trying to scare you?”, I turned around surprised to see Pein behind me.
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posted by Sasuke_Fan17
At the Organizations castle

The 13 members were all in their thrones in the room of Where Nothing Gathers.

"As you all know a portal opened just a matter of a few days ago. We also decided to conquer this world. However, a group known as akatsuki rules this world. We will need to eliminate them in order to mover progressivo, para a frente with our plan. Axel, Demyx, and Larxene will be scouts into their territories." Xemnas explained

Axel and Larxene accept this quietly but Demyx does not.

"Ah mannnnn. Why do I have to go? I just went after that huge heartless that was about to attack the castle! Where is my break!...
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posted by SilentRevelry
Partner: Formerly Deidara, Orochimaru before that
Seiyu: Takahiro Sakurai, Yutaka Aoyama (Hiruko), Akiko Yajima (as a child)

Sasori (サソリ, Sasori?) is a missing-nin from Sunagakure. After the death of his parents, Sasori was left in the care of his grandmother, Chiyo, who taught him all she knew about using puppets in battle. With his newfound knowledge he created puppets in his parents' likeness so that he could feel their love. Since they were only emotionless puppets, his attempt failed, and he left them behind upon leaving the village. Once joining akatsuki he was paired with Orochimaru,...
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posted by kisamefangirl
Disclaimer:Ok,first off the tanahi character is mine,but the akatsuki belong to Masashi Kishimoto. I am so sorry I didn't say this earlier.

Chapter four:Tanahi's friends

Tanahi was a little messed up when Kisame lift her standing in the feild alone,it didn't really bother her,it just made her fell the way her,and naruto felt when they were little kids.

Tobi decided to be her friend,so did Itachi,Hidan,kakazu,sasori,konoan,Deidara,Kisame,Zetsu,and Nagato.She loved her real friends,even though half of her friends were her secret admirers,but she didn't care." What are you doing Kisame?"asked Deidara...
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posted by kisamefangirl
Chapter three: The date

Tanahi walked out side then she saw Tobi getting chased por Deidara,then,she somehow fell to the ground,she looked up and saw Kisame holding her down. "Hey,Kisame."she said,weakly,he smiled and lifted her up off the floor.she took her hair down and her long,sparkling silver grey hair was flowing softly in the air,her hair went down to her knees,she said she allways pulled it in to a ponytail.though that was not true,she allways braided her hair before she went to sleep at night,and then straightens her hair so that it would look normal.

"Tanahi-san,do you want to go out?"he...
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posted by kisamefangirl
Chapter two:Tanahi's secret admirers

When Tanahi woke up she saw like twelve letters in bright red envelopes.she didn't see anything on her dresser when she woke up,she looked around the room,and she didn't see or smell anyone,she got suspicious. She read the first letter,and it said...."Dear,Tanahi-san,I know you don't know me,but you are like the flor that blooms in the shade,your dark,frozen coração is so hard it needs to be filled with love. I loved you when I first met you,and I hope we will be together some day.
Love:your secret admirer"

Tanahi noticed that someone wrote it in golden ink,she...
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Disclamer's note: Dear reader,

This is the story of how my favorito animê show naruto shippuden,comes out of my dream. I don't own any Akatsuki,they belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

From, Tanahi Hatake

Chapter one: THE AKATSUKI

I was just siting there at my escrivaninha, mesa designing some akatsuki characters, for Masashi Kishimoto. He sent me a letter and it said that my Tanahi character was a great idea. And he was really happy about it. He said that he sensed that I may have what it takes to be a voice actress,one dia when I graduate from high-school.

Anyway,it is Valentine's day,and I made the Valentine's...
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posted by kisamefangirl
Chapter 2:Rescue Mission

naruto ran into Sasuke,and Sakura. He was so scared it creeped Sasuke out."GUYS!"He yelled,Sakura covered her ears,and Sasuke told him to calm down. "What is it Naruto?" Asked Sakura,then she noticed Tanahi was not with him."Wait a minuto where's Tanahi?"asked Sasuke,then naruto got wide eyed. "THAT'S THE PROBLEM,THE akatsuki KIDNAPPED TANAHI!"He yelled then lee and shikamaru came running around a corner."We heard that Tanahi-san is kidnapped!" Said shikamaru then he saw Sakura and naruto look at him."Er,I mean we heard naruto say that Tanahi is in danger what happened?"asked shikamaru embarrassed.

At the akatsuki base: Akasana was looking at his sister and she smiled at him. "I amor you brother." She said,Akasana was suprised when she said that he started crying. "I.......love you too,little sister!"

Would team 7,team 10,and team 9 save Tanahi before she turns to a akatsuki member? Find out seguinte time
posted by SasoriLV
When Itachi Loved Pickles

Itachi loved his pickles,

more than any other dared.

He ate them with pleasure everyday,

without a single care.

He crunched into them slowly,

and savored every bite.

Then drank the azedar, azedo juice,

and did so with delight.

His fingers smelled of vinegar,

his hair in disarray.

For all he ever did in life,

was eat pickles everyday.

His mouth began to turn bright green,

from his teeth unto his tongue.

His life was seeming out the door,

and then the door sino rang.

There stood an elderly woman,

with hair so stiff and gray.

She gave Itachi a smile and said,

"Hello sir, good day."

Itachi stared at...
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posted by hinata3125
Chpt. 9: but why do I have to go?

We went início 6 days later,we had a lot of fyn on the trip....plus I got to flirt with deidara......but failed epically.....every time.I set my stuff down in my room. (Yes I finally got my own room) it had animê posters all over. One like wat was on my sleeping bag,one of death th kid maka and black★ estrela from soul eater™,one of rin and yukio from blue exorcist™,and one with america,china,england,russia,italy,germany,japan,and canada from hetalia™ on it. I also had a bunk cama with a blue comforter with ed and al elric on it.it was the best room ever....
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posted by SasoriLV
Hidan's Immortal Kitten

Hidan found a kitten,

whose pele, peles was white and smooth.

Its eyes as black as night,

with a shine to never lose.

It followed him one day,

into the akatsuki base.

Until Hidan stopped and looked,

and met the kitten face to face.

Its beautiful black eyes,

gazed into his own in wonder.

As for Hidan though,

he only thought plunder.

The kitten only mowed,

and stood up to Hidan's thigh.

As Hidan looked at the kitten,

he knew it had to die.

So he kicked the kitten hard,

and sent it away with all his might.

Then he walked to his dark lit room,

for it was almost night.

As he lay upon his bed,

he heard...
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posted by AlexWhittier
Kisame and Itachi waved goodbye to the rest of akatsuki as they headed out for vacation. Kisame seemed to be sulking. “Why did you volunteer us to stay behind to guard the base. We’re going to miss out.” Itachi looked up at him. “We will have a great time when our dates get here. I used my genjutsu to make sure your encontro, data thinks you’re a wealthy roupa de banho, fato de banho model rather than a sadistic peixe man.” Kisame smiled at that idea. “Besides something tells me they’ll be back very soon.” Pein continued to read the map as the rest of akatsuki followed from behind. “We are almost at the...
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