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hi im izzy the host from tdi heres are first camper catlin:hi im catlin im so excited izzy:heres are seguinte camper jen:im so excited i cant wait to ski wait there no snow! nikki:im not staying (goes to jump on barco barco goes away)ahh im all wet
jonsey:hi babe(nikki and jonsey makes out)jude:yo starr:hi everyone the clones:hi everybody were so excitted wyatt:hi heres everybody else trish darth julie coach halder ron wayne serena marlowe yummy mummy courtney and lydia and yummy mummy kid so here the teams team one the shooping gofers:catlin nikki jonsey starr kristen darth ron courtney and yummy mummy and team two killer store:jen wyatt jude crissy kirsten kid marlowe sereana wayne julie ok your first challenge is jumping a 100 feet high in a blazzing hot pound wit sharks and allagoaiters just then a barco came someone got off who was it find out in partt 2!!
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