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série crepúsculo

Will you please cadastrar-se my spot its called I amor edward and Jacob?

8 answers | my answer: yes
série crepúsculo

isnt jacob a cutie?:)

13 answers | my answer: yes and so much mais
série crepúsculo

In Eclipse on page 467, what does Alice mean when she says, "What's one mais diamond? Well, I guess the ring has lots of diamonds, but my point is that he's already got on on-"? Someone please help?!

14 answers | my answer: because the bracelet he gave her had the dimond on...
série crepúsculo

Why dont u ever get"ugly" vamps or do yo?

4 answers | my answer: they have to be angelic so they can attract there p...
taylor lautner

oi this is a petition. Sign below if u amor taylor lautner n leave ur name n age n y u amor him. If u vote ill add u to my fã list!

45 answers | my answer: NeTanya 13 i amor taylor he is so fine