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guerra nas estrelas

Who is your favourite ''Star Wars'' character?

20 answers | my answer: LEIA!!!! LOOK AT MY USERNAME!!
guerra nas estrelas

estrela wars alphabet!

16 answers | my answer: E: Endor ♥
guerra nas estrelas

favorito and least favorito estrela Wars films

15 answers | my answer: Favorite: Episode 6 Least Favorite: Episode 2
guerra nas estrelas

Describe you sex life with a estrela Wars quote.

5 answers | my answer: i have a bad feeling about this :#
harry potter

Your topo, início 5 favourite characters?

230 answers | my answer: 1-Ron 2-Hermione 3-Harry 4-Ginny 5-McGonagall...
harry potter

which i the cutest HP couple???

24 answers | my answer: ROMIONE<3 EVEN THE NAME IS CUTE...
harry potter

who is your favorito character

11 answers | my answer: The Golden Trio <3 I've always loved them!!!!
harry potter

What character made you cry when they died?

47 answers | my answer: fred figglehorn of course!!!!!! And i was really close in Dum...
harry potter


15 answers | my answer: GRYFFINDOR!!!!!
harry potter

If you could be ANY character in Harry Potter, who would you be?

40 answers | my answer: Hermione for sure!