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harry potter

post the best pic of harry potter

7 answers | my answer: here
harry potter

when you read the harry potter book did you ever imagine that voldemort would look like that in the movies??

4 answers | my answer: I think that voldemort is a kind of ugly person who...
harry potter

Who is up for a caption game?? [ROUND 1]

8 answers | my answer: I just want to save hogwards,my family because all...
harry potter

Who's up for a caption game? [Round 2]

15 answers | my answer: vouldemort: here is my army of the greatest ghosts...
harry potter

Who is your crush in Harry Potter???

32 answers | my answer: harry potter!!!!!
harry potter

Who's Up For a Caption Game? [Round 3]

12 answers | my answer: draco:now its our turn to tell harry wat we r made...
harry potter

Who do you think best suits Harry???

16 answers | my answer: i think so hermione because she is a sweet girl wh...
harry potter

Who has a crush on Draco Malfoy the hottest guy in HP?Thats easy ,YES,YES,AND YES

6 answers | my answer: i hate draco malfoy in harry potter filmes but he...
harry potter

Who's up for a caption Contest? [Round 4]

13 answers | my answer: vouldemort's coração thinking: i want to control all...
harry potter

Whose death was the saddest according to you?

35 answers | my answer: the death of all the nice persons who r trying to h...