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PrueFever gave me props for my polls
Could I get you to vote and leave a comment in this disney pesquisa I made here:


It won’t take long and you’ll be doin’ me a HUGE favour as I’m trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote and comment in my Poll. Posted over a year ago
prussiaducky gave me props for my answers
Hi! :D Posted over a year ago
Haven't been on here in over a year. :/ I'm not sure how many of the people who went on here when I did have left or not, but nonetheless I wanted to see how everyone's doing. :) Posted over a year ago
jainabieber7 commented…
I joined in November 2012, I'm a very active member here now. You should come back! :) over a year ago
MalloMar commented…
I read some of your articles! You seem really awesome! :) I've been here for half a year. over a year ago
Mongoose09 commented…
Welcome back! over a year ago
Uh, who reported my pick about creepypastas? It isn't showing up...I don't see what was wrong with it...? Posted over a year ago
sweetie-94 commented…
Me neither, fanpop deleted one of my artigos which was about my favorito DP wardrobes and they also deleted my picks about who's prettier between your 1st and 2nd favorito and so on and I don't know why someone would denunciar it :( over a year ago
DreamyGal commented…
Someone reported it?? over a year ago
madisonsavanna commented…
It's pronounced creepy paste-a haha, I was misled at first too :P it's basically just a name for creepy stories/urban legends that originate and círculo around the Internet. I made a pick asking which princess would read them the most and it somehow got deleted :/ over a year ago
Mongoose09 gave me props for my polls
For your "Twelve types of Facebookers" picks in the DP spot. Very original :) Posted over a year ago
big smile
This was hilarious haha. I amor leitura all the old threads we've had.
link Posted over a year ago
sweetie-94 commented…
Someone should take it back, that was hilarious XD over a year ago
SweetPea2007 commented…
epic....:) over a year ago
starlight77 commented…
This looks like fun! Can't wait to do it! over a year ago
Off topic and I'm not sure if anyone really cares or not, but I'm only 13, meaning that the majority of the time I've been on here I was about 11 and therefore too young. Obviously I'm old enough now, but still.
I'm kind of scared to post this, and I don't really know whether it's a big deal or not, but maybe you guys don't care. Maybe it isn't even that much of a surprise ha. I don't know, but I'm sorry :/ Posted over a year ago
SweetPea2007 commented…
no worries sweetie, I don't think your the only one that started out very young on need to post your age though just in case there are any pedophiles or just creepy people that might take advantage of your young age. I don't think too many people on here post their real age and some maybe not their real gender either or real countries....just be careful who you give out info too over a year ago
BB2010 commented…
I agree with SweetPea2007. Take some major precaution when it comes to telling people about yourself. For example, I wouldn't really be spreading around your email adress or age or where exactly you live. If you just say what country you're from that's okay but don't say what town you're in or your adress or anything. Heck if you meet someone and they seem to be totally okay and friendly stay cautios. Take me for another example; I'm a 19 ano old girl living in Washington but for all you know I'm probably a man in his mid forties preying on children who like DPs. Don't worry though cuz I'm totally not some guy in his mid forties preying on children :P Like I said that's just an example over a year ago
maryksand commented…
You're never too young or too old for loving disney or things you love, and you're never too young or too old to express yourself and post your opinions. It's good that you're here:) I'm 23 myself and I'm not ashamed of my disney amor in a slightest and I get alone very well with young people who post on boards/spots where I post and it's interesting for me to read their opinions, including yourth. over a year ago
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Welcome back! amor the Boo ícone :) Posted over a year ago
madisonsavanna commented…
Thank you! :) over a year ago
Hi everyone :) Haven't been on in a while.
Hate to ask this, but has anyone left since I've been gone? Posted over a year ago
iHyrule commented…
ppv :[ over a year ago
madisonsavanna commented…
Awww :( over a year ago
DreamyGal commented…
I miss her :( wish she would come back. over a year ago
dee389 commented…
Yea, miss PPV's punkiness. over a year ago
rizwansait1 gave me props for my images
Oh your ícone is beautiful where did you find it !!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago