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Thanks for the add back Posted faz 1 mês
(I ain't sure if anyone will read this any time soon. But Happy New Year!!! Apologise for not being on in forever, I plan to change that with a bang!)
Alex: "Happy 2018 everyone!!"
Ajax: "Another ano with you lot... Yay...."
Kane: "We went round the sun and everyone looses their minds." Posted over a year ago
XxKFforeverXx commented…
AYEEEE Happy New Year!! over a year ago
killer24 commented…
Happy 2018!) over a year ago
MafiaYJ said …
//Boop, hello, its been a thousand years, how are you? Posted over a year ago
killer24 commented…
It has, I'm good thank you. What about you?) over a year ago
Hiding 122 comments…
MafiaYJ commented…
Babs: *She laughed and patted his shoulder* i've accepted it indeed. As for fighting- Ajax does seem to be the one with a temper isnt he? over a year ago
killer24 commented…
Alex: "Yeah, quite the moody one he is... All that angst and aggression." *Laughs* "Thankfully I ain't like that, who else would save your ass?" over a year ago
big smile
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Thanks for the add back & Nice to meet ya! Posted over a year ago
Happy New ano Guys! Sorry I haven't been on for a long time.....)
Alex: "Happy New Year!!!"
Ajax: "We survived 2016!? Human's are like cockroaches, they can survive anything."
Kane: "Our planet only went around the Sun and everyone throws a party."
Flynn: *Drunk dancing.* "An-*hic*- oher ye-r, -th b-auti-all la-ies....." (Another year, with beautiful ladies!)
William: *Forced to dance with drunk Flynn with a party hat on*
Data: *Screaming about explosions outside* (Fireworks*) Posted over a year ago
XxKFforeverXx commented…
Ayee, Happy New Year! (Fang: jesus Christ, you're all crazy) over a year ago
XxKFforeverXx commented…
(As I only say that, because you've made some fair ones, but I still believe that you're just a tad crazy. But then again, we're all a little mad here) over a year ago
killer24 commented…
Alex: "We have to be here, what with all the oddities, weirdos, and 'adventure' around here." over a year ago
(Everyone is drawing beautiful art and posting it, all the while I'm here struggling to draw a stick person with equal length arms....... What did you people do to get so good? I'm calling some magic bull!)
Alex: "You just suck."
Ajax: "There's always someone better."
Kane: "Hitler was an artist too....."
Flynn: *Looks nervously at Kane.* "What's your point?"
William: *Shrugs.* Posted over a year ago
MafiaYJ commented…
(NONE OF US ARE HITLER KANE- o.o but thanks sorta? For the compliment but not comparing me to hilter??) over a year ago
killer24 commented…
Kane: "I wasn't calling you guys Hitler, just stating that he was also an artist." (It wasn't me, I don't know what he comes up with.) over a year ago
godmor commented…
(i won't, yeah had the same problem) over a year ago
khanna266 said …
oi dude. Posted over a year ago
killer24 commented…
Yoh, what up? over a year ago
khanna266 commented…
(Hey sorry it's been a while, I ended up like super busy). over a year ago
khanna266 commented…
(And not really) Minion:Why of course not. Since when have I been a troublemaker? over a year ago
(This club keeps dying, like I thought Alex knocks on deaths door a lot.)
Alex: "That's mostly because of Ajax."
Ajax: "I'm not apologising for art, of him half through a wall.....Or well him in half."
Kane: *faces-palms*
(Anyway, any want to RP?) Posted over a year ago
Eclipse-YJ commented…
I want to yay over a year ago
Eclipse-YJ commented…
I think your OCs and mine will get along well over a year ago
killer24 commented…
Alex: "Is that fluff as in candy-floss, or assassinating a 'Care-Bear' kinda fluff?" / Ajax: "Not really, I don't often do your typical hero mission, too many rules." over a year ago
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Any chance I could get you to vote and maybe leave a comment in this disney pesquisa I made here:


I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote and comment and your vote could really help a lot :) I'd really appreciate it as every little vote counts :) Posted over a year ago
Ayaka said …
Hello :)) Posted over a year ago
killer24 commented…
Yoh, what's up? over a year ago