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GDragon612 gave me props for my pop quiz questions
🌹Autumn is a segundo spring when every 🧡
✨💛🍁👻 🎃Leaf is a flower!🎃🍂🌹🧡✨
🍂👻🧡✨🌹💛🍁🎃👻🍂🧡✨🌹💛🍁🎃 Posted faz 16 dias
whatsupbugs gave me props for my comments
Hi fellow K-On! fan. I actually wrote a K-On! fanfic last night. I hope you've doing well. Posted faz 6 meses
GDragon612 gave me props for my videos
hehe =3
so where did you spend your holidays?
hope you had alot time of relax and so much fun!!!
I have miussed ya so much><

ma poor fluffy richa babe>< hope you have time to relax
take care ba bangtan babe!!

yeah I am doing so fantastic thanks hope you too!! Posted faz 7 meses
JennieRubyJane gave me props for my polls
Thanks for the add back. How are you? Posted faz 7 meses
yui1234 gave me props for my comments
Hi Hi=D
long time no see!
I'm good, my final exams starts from Feb,so...busy right now with studies:( How r u? Posted faz 7 meses
yui1234 commented…
woah amor your kookie banner:) faz 7 meses
Sparklefairy375 gave me props for my images
amor your icon, banner, and background <333 Posted faz 8 meses
GDragon612 gave me props for my polls
don`t say sorry richa my sunshine kookie!!!
have Wonderful Holidays now
take care of you sunshine
amor you so much muaaaaaaah Posted faz 8 meses
k-on1998 said about kpop

Hi I made a club for the new group TXT.

They haven't debuted yet but still show them some amor <3 Posted faz 8 meses
yui1234 commented…
Yes plz join~ faz 8 meses
big smile
k-on1998 said about Bangtan Boys
oi it's not related to Bangtan Boys but I've made a club for the new group TXT who are also going to debut under BigHit Entertainmet.


I hope you'll chuveiro them with amor <3 Posted faz 8 meses
Sparklefairy375 commented…
Great, I'll join! faz 8 meses
k-on1998 commented…
thank you so much <3 faz 8 meses
yui1234 commented…
I was also thinking of making a club for TXT but u took the initiative....anyways, joined~ faz 8 meses
doubletrouble7 said …
hi there,i'm tori it's nice to meet you
so do you like k-pop groups?
i amor that song touch my body i forgot who sings it?
do you like simple minds they sing alive and kicking?
what about julian lennon?
he sings valotte and ok for you?
i see you like kpop music.
what about family guy and full house?
i miss that show-tori Posted faz 8 meses