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In glee, I ship Jake/Marley, amor them so much these two. I still ship Finchel all the way, they are my favorites! I amor Kurt/Blaine, and Will/Emma + Puck/Quinn, but think they are kinda of ruined I don't know... Posted over a year ago
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I'm sorry to answer that late! I've been so busy with school I had barely had no time to come there! I'm on a free week to can find some time to answer :) I bet you already start watching lost since the other day, tell me about it! I ship Jack/Kate, Sawyer/Kate (yeah amor both couples but still mais on the Jate side), Desmond/Penny, Sawyer/Juliet, Charlie/Claire, Sun/Jin. It's hard not to ship a couple in lost anyway ^^ Posted over a year ago
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Thanks, you too! ♥ Posted over a year ago
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Yes they did screw them! In 90210, everyone dates everyone, I'm so pissed about it! Friends, sure I amor it, I ship Ross/Rachel for sure, and Monica/Chandler. I admit I amor Joey/Phoebe too, also like Phoebe/Mike (but never understand why people loved them so damn much). In glee, I amor Finchel, Will/Emma, Quinn/Puck, Blaine/Kurt and like Britanny/Santana. I'm so into Marley/Jake lately. You ? And you definitely have to watch lost right away, trust me! Posted over a year ago
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So from the OC I amor Ryan/Marissa and Seth/Summer as well. In GG, I was completely for Chair and Derena as well, I also liked Rufus/Lily (but mostly in earlier seasons). Well, in TVD, I'm 100% for Stelena, and I also want Klaroline so bad! In PLL, I am for Spencer/Toby and Spencer/Wren, I also like Ezra/Aria and Caleb/Hanna, but I haven't watch season 3 yet so... For 90210, I am for sure for Navid/Adrianna since forever ! Posted over a year ago
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But i actually don't mind her with Dixon and I liked Dixon with both Ivy and Silver. I really liked Siler with Teddy too but since he's gay now :/ As for Liam, I have always prefered him with Naomi over Annie but I don't mind Liannie. And for Gilmore Girls, well Luke/Lorelai without a doubt, as for Rory I liked her with Logan, Jess or Dean, I was never too much involved on her relationships. Is there any other tv show you amor ? over a year ago
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Couples only on OTH or also in other shows ? In OTH, I amor Leyton, Naley, Brulian, Clay/Quinn, Karen/Keith and also really liked Mouth/Rachel or even Mouth/Millie. Afther that, I don't hate any couples on the show, I like brucas and Jeyton so it's fine por me. What about you ? Posted over a year ago
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Well, I'm from France, so far you're English has been good, don't worry about that :) So, have you watched the whole show or just you stopped at season 3 ? :D I just amor the tv shows, you just mentionned... Posted over a year ago
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Yeah I guessed brucas was your OTP but it's okay lol I actually liked them and even loved them as a couple in seasons 2 and 3. I just amor their amor story and think they really loved each other but just persoannly think they belong to others. Anyway, OTH is my all-time favorito tv show, and that would be so cool if we could talk about it :) Posted over a year ago
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Wouah thanks, how did you see this ? I mean why are you telling this ? ^^ I'm Adeline por the way, nice to meet you ;) Posted over a year ago
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thanks for the add :D
nice ícone <3 Posted over a year ago