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jazzrobloo3 said about damon salvatore
Damon is soooo hot!!!! Aaaahhh, only if he were mine Posted over a year ago
jazzrobloo3 commented…
Oh, does Damon ever go out with Elana? over a year ago
DelenaLove201_ commented…
I don't want to spoil anything, so which season are you on? over a year ago
jazzrobloo3 commented…
I'm on Season 4 now i believe over a year ago
I luv Vampire Diaries. I can't help that Damon is better than Stephan. I think that Ellana should pick Damon. She hurt him when she said that she would never kiss him. I WOULD!!!! Posted over a year ago
maori_gurl commented…
Stefan and elena are destined to be together because of what happened with ketsia and silas soo...elena should be single! over a year ago
ggdelena commented…
yay delena over a year ago
jazzrobloo3 said about avril lavigne
I amor Avril Lavigne, i've listen to her songs since i was 4 or 5 Posted over a year ago
ALLavigne commented…
i amor her song too and i listen to avril song in all time over a year ago
jazzrobloo3 said about anastasia
anastasia is my childhood movie. I haven't seen it in a long time. Posted over a year ago
jazzrobloo3 said about taylor lautner
I LUV U Taylor Lautner!!! I heard that you could send a letter to him. Posted over a year ago
kymie_skittles commented…
How and where did you hear that from? over a year ago
jazzrobloo3 commented…
A friend sent a letter to him. over a year ago
jazzrobloo3 commented…
Just look it up on google & it will come up over a year ago
jazzrobloo3 said about Os Vingadores
I was talking about the Avengers Movie. Posted over a year ago
jazzrobloo3 said about Os Vingadores
My sister is really into weird guys. Ok, Captain America is ok, Thor is hot, I can't remember the bow guy but yeah, of course, HE IS HOT!!!! Here's the other guy that she likes, LOCCI. (I seriously don't know how to spell his name) I mean, come on. I told her that Locci is creepy, but she likes creepy guys. Ok, whoever likes Locci is really... I don't want to be mean but that's weird. Posted over a year ago
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jazzrobloo3 said about kelly clarkson
I saw the new song on YouTube. And, OMG.... IT WAS AWESOME!!!! Kelly Clarkson is my #1! Posted over a year ago
jazzrobloo3 said about naruto
I luv Naruto. You can watch it online. Just look up naruto and it will show all the episodes. I'm still watching them to. Posted over a year ago
jazzrobloo3 said about fruits basket
I wish I could see mais but the thing is. Netflx only has the first season. What is wrong with Netflix??!!! I heard that on the third season Tohru confesses to Kyo that she loves him. Man, I really want to see the rest of it sometime. HOPE I WILL!!! Posted over a year ago
IamKyon commented…
Actually there is only one season having 26 episodes. And about Tohru confessing to Kyo, it happens in mangá continuation. I think you got confused between animê and manga. over a year ago