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izzy5097 said …
Anyone like just girls Posted over a year ago
Maeyx said …
Miss you so effin much :( I really hope you see this. *crosses fingers*
Btw, I'm not going to reveal who I am until I get a response. :P Posted over a year ago
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Miss you:( Posted over a year ago
0671143087 gave me props for my articles
heyy how you been? Posted over a year ago
YouSucko_O said …
I am alright ...
it sure has been a while
how life ? :) Posted over a year ago
holly-cow-noooo gave me props for my images
oh haha poor you :P I got one mais ano to finish highschool^^
we so miss you more!
And yes im on break :)
No Sami isnt, I stopped talking to him months ago, But ill try to make him get on for you :)
Im alright I guess, you? Posted over a year ago
maribou gave me props for my polls
oi Kali!
How are you doing?
French?!Wow so how can you say *Destiny* in French?
Oh no,it`s not because of my dad`s job,it`s because they arent together anymore!
They are divorced!:(
Cool Songs,So what TV shows Do you watch?
I make a twitter account soon,maybe tomorrow!Now i`m so busy!I just arrived home:)

Take Care:*
xoxo Mari:) Posted over a year ago
S8rah gave me props for my images
Kali, where the hell have you been?
and yeah I'm still here!
How have you been i have missed you like mad!
xoxo Posted over a year ago
YouSucko_O said …
lol actually its Tia :P ! Posted over a year ago
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Aww thanks :)
and yeah I do still like him, I'm just not as obsessed as I used to be :p
I don't really listen to his songs much anymore, I just amor his as a person :)
Yeah fanpop was really good back in 2010, I actually spoke to people then!
Haha twitter is okay I just find is SO confusing D:

xx Posted over a year ago
RnBStar13 commented…
him* over a year ago