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What's The Best disney Movie Ever?

38 answers | my answer: lion king and the little mermaid:)
buffy, a caça-vampiros

At what age do you think someone should be to watch season 6?

2 answers | my answer: 13 and up cuz a 7 ano old might be scared of dark...
buffy, a caça-vampiros

What is it about Willow that you like?

5 answers | my answer: because i'm alot like being shy and all
buffy, a caça-vampiros

What are some of you're favourite btvs quotes?

5 answers | my answer: dark willow: " six years as a sideman now i get to...
buffy, a caça-vampiros

How does everyone feel about the episode from season 6, "Once More, With Feeling"?

5 answers | my answer: it's my favorite! because i'm a huge fã of musical...
buffy, a caça-vampiros

Why was the spell to bring Buffy back different then the one Dawn did to bring back Joyce?

6 answers | my answer: because of the urn and the spell dawn used was risk...
bob esponja calça quadrada

whos better spongebob or squidward?

10 answers | my answer: spongebob!
bob esponja calça quadrada

Me & spongebob got married!

9 answers | my answer: congradulations:D
michael jackson

who is D.S???

5 answers | my answer: maybe called him the "j" word (if you know what i m...
michael jackson

Does any one else find it absolutley ADORABLE when Michael bites his lip and acts shy? <3

6 answers | my answer: i do<3