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PureHeroine gave me props for my polls
A prop because your pesquisas are awesome ^^ Posted over a year ago
ded99 said …
do you want to cadastrar-se link Posted over a year ago
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i go for jacob Posted over a year ago
angelicdiva said …
hi if u r a twilight fã cadastrar-se this club -angelicdiva Posted over a year ago
mia444 gave me props for my images
oi will you please cadastrar-se my new club? link. It's for all people that are team Edward!! Or if you just amor the Twilight Saga, I'm trying to get as many fãs as possible so it doesn't get deleted. I'd really appreciate it! If you do cadastrar-se let me know so I can give you a prop! Posted over a year ago
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Nice KStew quote -- I can totally respect that... Posted over a year ago
hettycool commented…
I live por that quote lol over a year ago
Elle-C commented…
That's cool hetty -- hey, I just got your username! Haha! :o) over a year ago
Elle-C commented…
I'm a California girl from the U S of A. I see you're from London...very cool. ;o) over a year ago
big smile
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Thanks so much for fanning me -- fanned you back! ❤ Posted over a year ago
hettycool commented…
Thanks and your welcome :) over a year ago
Elle-C commented…
Ditto, dear! :o) over a year ago
hettycool said about série crepúsculo
if any one has twitter and wants to be part of a rp family just contact me. or if you dont have twitter and want to make a roleplay acount then contact me for help too :) Posted over a year ago
ded99 gave me props for my images
Prop for participated in Twilight contest round 25 Bella and Jacob Posted over a year ago
lovesboo said …
omg i am so excited breaking dawn part 2 is soon near its deadline for all of the twilight breaking dawn fãs Posted over a year ago