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mariafan gave me props for my videos
<3 Posted over a year ago
mariafan said …
HEYYYYYYYYY <3 i missed you too! im fine u? Posted over a year ago
quinn13 gave me props for my articles
Ohhh nooo sweetie!!
But I understand..
Still I'll miss you muchh!!
If you come around here again, come and say hii..
Anyway sending you loads of hugs..xx
Posted over a year ago
AdaLove gave me props for my images
I know the feeling amor <3
I tried to come here too,but life is busy!
I just wanted to say you that I made it to the Law School.I'm into ;)
I added you in facebook :)
See ya dude <3 Posted over a year ago
Nicky23 gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Hey! <33
No it's fine, I'm so sorry you have to leave :(( I'm going to miss you soooo much! I have loved meeting and talking with you too you are such an Amazing person and I feel soo honoured to have met you <3
Good luck with everything and I wish you all the best for the future xx
amor Nicky ;) Posted over a year ago
jake_rose_4ever gave me props for my answers
Oh my God no :'( I'm about to cry, really. We weren't talking for a long time, but I will miss you so much :(
First of all I'm glad you had a good time at your vacations! :) I was wondering when you would come back!
You are an excellent Gleek, so I won't forget you! :D
I would also like to say thank you for let me take over your contest! It was nice, but I'm afraid I can't continue it either :/
Maybe it's best not to say more...I will add you on Facebook!
Posted over a year ago
jake_rose_4ever commented…
I will send you my name on caixa de entrada just to know it's me ♥ Be careful girl!!! :)♥ xx over a year ago
quinn13 gave me props for my links
Hii sweetie!!
How are you?? Sorry it took me long to reply..I was on holidays, and you know bad Internet connection and stuff..but I'm finally back!!!
Oh wow architecture!!! That's amazing!! I wish you all the luck on university!!! And have loads of fun! XDD Posted over a year ago
quinn13 commented…
Oh wow the finals!!! It was so tense!! Firstly I am most excited about Delena!!! That scene was like a dream!! I loved literally everything and the lines were PERFECT!! Now on the Silas/Stefan thing, I have no idea how this storyline will go.. I mean it could be interesting, but it might just as well be...cheese..Idk, we'll have to wait and see.. over a year ago
quinn13 commented…
About the Originals, I'm kinda sorry they had to go out of the show. I mean "The Originals" could be an exciting show, but I think this Klayley baby could ruin stuff. Like how can Klaus be the most powerful vampire and daddy at the same time.. I don't know I just think that storyline won't be that popular.. What do you think about it? All of it, hehe over a year ago
quinn13 commented…
Sending you a big computer hug, dear ♥♥♥ over a year ago
TVD-DE4ever gave me props for my articles
#9 Posted over a year ago
TVD-DE4ever gave me props for my comments
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TVD-DE4ever gave me props for my comments
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